For Time/Leave Keepers

Manage your department’s time and leave records

In March of 2021, employees of the following Executive Branch departments/offices will submit their time and their leave requests in HIP:

Accounting and General Services, Office of the Governor, Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Budget and Finance, Business, Economic Development and Tourism, Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Defense, Hawaiian Home Lands, Human Services, Taxation, Transportation




The new features will be available when you’re accessing HIP via your State of Hawaii Office 365 email address and password.  For those employees without regular access to computers, time sheets and leave requests will be handled by designated timekeepers and leave-keepers on behalf of employees.

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3/7/2021: A list of Time Reporting Codes (TRCs) posted.

3/5/2021: On-line tutorials available for both Timekeepers and Leave Keepers, no logon required.

3/3/2021: Quick Reference Guide was added for leave keepers on how to Create and Maintain Absences.

3/3/2021: Quick Reference Guide was added for timekeepers on how to use Rapid Time.

2/26/2021: “Admin Lv- COVID 19 Vaccination” absence added to HIP. Employees may use up to two hours of leave for each vaccination, with a maximum of four hours allowed of this type of leave per year.

2/11/2021: Quick Reference Guides for supervisors were posted to the Time and Leave support page for supervisors at  See section on that page called “Quick Reference Guides” for approvals and allowing/resolving exceptions.

2/8/2021: Quick Reference Guides for employees were posted to the Time and Leave support page for employees at  See section on that page called “Quick Reference Guides” for timesheet entry, leave entry, overtime and compensatory time guides.

2/4/2021: Added a Job Aid that shows leave keepers how to resolve an error message that employees may get when trying to resubmit a canceled absense: An Error occurred while constructing the customized forecasting message for Absence Take: HI SICK AT. Please contact your system administrator.”

10/23/2020: HIP 2021 Calendar has been posted which shows payroll windows and deadlines.

9/2/2020: New page released for Timekeepers on Exception Management.

8/27/2020: Need to figure out who has entered/updated an employee timesheet? Timekeepers can now use the Time Audit feature.

8/11/2020: Users are now able to self-subscribe onto this page by adding their email address at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to receive notifications in real-time when this page is updated. Check this section to find out what updates were made.


How Time and Leave works in HIP

HIP houses HR information for State of Hawaii employees such as their pay rate, their employee type (e.g., casual worker, salaried worker), their part-time/full-time status, their full-time equivalent status (FTE), their standard working hours per week, who they report to, and which collective bargaining unit they are members of.  All of that HR data drives HIP’s logic to generate “payable time” for State employees, and accrue paid leave according to collective bargaining unit rules.  The State requires employees to submit their time and leave records by the end of each pay period to ensure that employees are paid accurately and timely.  A 2021 Calendar are available which show when timesheets open and close for employees, and when supervisors must approve in order for the time to be paid timely.


Timekeeper Responsibilities in HIP

As a Timekeeper, you’ll be responsible for reviewing and resolving all system-generated timesheet “Exceptions”.  See detailed instructions on Timesheet Exception Management. The Timekeeper role also includes reviewing all timesheet actions pending approval and working with the supervisors to approve those actions prior to the payroll deadline each pay period.  Employees will contact you with their questions about timesheets and pay statements.  A list of all available Time Reporting Codes (TRCs) is available for reference.

You’ll have the ability to adjust time reported on time sheets for the employee when necessary, and check that all fields are appropriately completed. You may also manage which Uniform Accounting Codes (UACs) are applicable to employees through the management of “Task Profiles”, and/or manage the data entry of timesheets for employees who lack computer access through the “Rapid Entry” screen in HIP.

Review the Standard Operating Policies and Procedures and Recommended Time and Leave Roles and Responsibilities.


Leave Keeper Responsibilities in HIP

As a Leave Keeper, you’ll be responsible for entering, reviewing, and approving absences in HIP. You’ll be able to enter leave records for employees who lack computer access and access leave balances for employees to validate absences prior to approval. Employees will contact you with their questions about their leave transactions.

Review the Standard Operating Policies and Procedures and Recommended Time and Leave Roles and Responsibilities.


Approving Employee Leave and Making Changes to Leave

HIP has flexibiltiy built in so that employees can make changes to their leave, Supervisors can make changes to leave if necessary, and Leave Keepers can too.  Here’s some guidance for Leave Keepers on how to handle changes to employee leave, depending on the status or circumstances of the employee’s request.































































Security Access for Timekeepers and Leave Keepers

If you are a Timekeeper or Leave Keeper needing access to HIP, please complete the ETS-304: Hawaii Information Portal Security Access Request Form for Time/Leave and Payroll-Deployed Departments and someone from the HIP service team will review and process your submission.



Training Resources for Timekeepers and Leave Keepers



For Leave Keepers

Online Self-Paced Training Downloadable copies of Course 120 for Leave Keepers in .PDF and .DOC formats

For Timekeepers


Online Self-Paced Training Downloadable copies of Course 125 for Timekeepers in .PDF and .DOC formats

FAQ for Leave Keepers

FAQ for Timekeepers




Reports and Queries

Reports and queries are available to assist users with their duties in HIP Time and Leave.

How to run queries with Query Viewer access.

Audit timesheet input and updates using the Time Audit feature.



Help With Balance Adjustments

In the event that you need HR’s help adjusting sick or vacation balances for employees after go-live, please use the Balance Adjustment Worksheet, to communicate changes to your HR office.  This makes sure the changes you need are easier for HR to process. Comp time adjustments can be made by authorized timekeepers.



Business Processes / Job Aids


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