Introduction To Time And Leave (T&L) Manager Self-Service (MSS) For Time/Leave Keepers

The HIP system houses Human Resource (HR) information for State employees such as their pay rate, employee type (i.e. casual worker or salaried worker), their part-time/full-time status, their Full-time Equivalent status (FTE), their standard working hours per week, who they report to, and which collective bargaining unit they are members of.  HR data drives HIP’s logic to generate “payable time” for State employees and accrue paid leave according to collective bargaining unit rules. 

The State requires employees to submit their time and leave requests by the end of each pay period to ensure that employees are paid accurately and timely.  A T&L calendar is available which shows when timesheets open and close for employees, and when supervisors must approve to ensure employees are paid timely. 


As a Timekeeper, you’ll be responsible for reviewing and assisting with the resolution of system-generated timesheet exceptions.  See detailed instructions on Timesheet Exception Management.  The Timekeeper role also includes reviewing all timesheet actions pending approval with mandatory audits and working with the supervisors to approve those actions prior to the payroll deadline each pay period.  A list of all available Time Reporting Codes (TRCs) is available for reference.  Additionally, employees will contact you with their questions about timesheets and pay statements. 

You’ll have the ability to adjust time reported on timesheets for employees when necessary, and audit timesheet data to ensure all fields are properly completed.  You may also manage Labor Reporting if your department uses the Task Profile feature in HIP, create a new combo code for charging fringe payments to designated UACs, and/or manage the data entry of timesheets for employee who lack computer access to the HIP system. 


As a Leave Keeper, you’ll be responsible for entering and reviewing absences in the HIP system.  You’ll be able to enter leave requests for employees who lack computer access and view leave balances for employees to validate absences prior to approval.  Additionally, employees will contact you with their questions about their leave transactions.

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Last Updated: October 11, 2022 

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