How To View Employee Compensatory Time (Comp Time) Balances

Use the HIP system to view employee Comp Time balances through the Time and Labor WorkCenter, Team Time, or NavBar. 

Comp Time is considered a type of time as opposed to a type of leave and can be used in lieu of paying overtime.  Timekeepers will be responsible for monitoring employee Comp Time balances as well as assisting with balance adjustments and entering transactions for employees without access to a computer or who otherwise need assistance entering their time. 

Employee Comp Time balances can be found by navigating through the Time and Labor WorkCenter, Team Time or NavBar. 

Click here to view a helpful article on the different ways to navigate to Timekeeper screens.


1. You’ll see each employee’s Comp Time plan, starting/end balances, earned/taken and accrual date.  Click on the employee you would like to view Comp Time balances for.

(Time and Labor WorkCenter or NavBar)

(Team Time)


2. From the Comp Time Off Detail screen, you’ll see the balance details for an employee as of the end date specified.  NOTE: When viewing employee Comp Time balances in Team Time, you will also see minimum and maximum Comp Time balance parameters prescribed by the employee’s bargaining unit agreement.

(Time and Labor WorkCenter or NavBar)

(Team Time)


How To Adjust Employee Comp Time Balances 

How To Transfer Employee Comp Time Balances Between BUs

Last Updated: October 24, 2022    

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