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Welcome to the supervisors knowledge library!  Use the resources below to learn about supervisor responsibilities and how to support your employees in the HIP system.

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The FAQ below are intended to provide helpful information in addition to HIP training and knowledge articles to aid supervisors in providing support to your employees.  Click on the categories and questions to expand them, then click them again to collapse them.  If you don’t see your question or answer here, please contact your Time or Leave Keeper for further assistance.

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Approvals (4)

If you’ve reviewed an employee request and cannot approve it because it’s inaccurate, or doesn’t follow department policies, or it doesn’t meet your operational needs, you’ll “push back” the request in the HIP system to the employee with an explanation.  Your employee will automatically be notified if they have a email address in the system and they can work with you to amend their submission or cancel it.  Please ensure there is adequate communication between you and you employees on any requests that cannot be approved for any reason.

Yes.  We do take the HIP system offline for planned upgrades and maintenance with advanced notice to department HR and Fiscal/Payroll offices.  However, for the most part, the HIP system is available 24/7.  Employees and supervisors should make sure that all time and leave is recorded without fail by the end of the pay period so that we can pay employees accurately and on time.

Yes.  Since nothing has been approved, the supervisor can simply approve whatever the system generated.  They should see one (1) row for approval and no negative offsets in this case.

If an employee resubmits an amended timesheet for approval after the original submittal was approved, the supervisor will see two (2) lines, one for a negative amount (to offset what was previously approved) and one positive amount (the corrected amount).  The supervisor should approve both sets of entries (negative and positive) – if only the positive line is approved, the employee may be overpaid.  Note that the “total payable hours” show the net difference between the negative and positive entries.  To view further details, please navigate to: NavBar (compass icon) > Navigator > Menu > Manger Self Service > Time Management > View Time > Payable Time Detail.

Delegations (3)

Yes!  When you need to take leave or will otherwise be out of the office, you should set up a delegation in the HIP system so employee requests are routed to another individual for the time you will be away.  This will be important to ensure that requests are not held up if you’re unavailable.  NOTE: Please be sure to enter a specific end date and always delegate to someone higher than you in your chain of command to avoid a situation where your employees are approving their own requests.

If the proxy is not a supervisor with access to the Manager Self-Service MSS screen, they will need to wait until the nightly Time Administration rules run to process the submitted delegation.  After processing the delegation, the HIP system will give the proxy temporary access to the MSS screen where they can manage approvals.

No.  Your proxy to approve Time and Leave items needs to be the same person, these responsibilities cannot be split up.

Workflow Routing (3)

If a supervisor position is vacant, the HIP system will automatically route employee requests to the next available/active supervisor above the vacant position until a supervisor is hired.  When a new supervisor is hired into the vacant position, they will be enrolled into Manager Self-Service (MSS) automatically and start to receive approvals for their direct reports.

Normally, TA supervisors don’t receive employee time and leave requests unless HR designates the TA supervisor as the “Reports To” supervisor in the HIP system.  If a supervisor position is vacant, HIP will route employee requests up to the next active/non-vacant supervisor position in the department/agency’s chain of command.

TAs will not have supervisor access if they’re not an employee’s Reports To supervisor.  If a supervisor position is vacant, it will go up the chain of command and be routed to the next available/active supervisor above the vacant supervisor position.  Please contact your department HR office if you have questions on the routing of requests.