Security Access For Supervisors

All new supervisors will be granted access based on how the HR record is established in the HIP system.  Make sure you have access to the HIP system, the correct direct reports as well as authorize Time and Leave Keeper access to individuals in your area.

If you are a supervisor needing access to the HIP system modified, please work with your HR office and use the following link to complete the ETS-304: Hawaii Information Portal Security Access Request Form for Time/Leave and Payroll-Deployed Departments.  Someone from the HIP service team will review and process your submission.

Or if you are a supervisor who wants to designate a Time or Leave Keeper for your area, the ETS-304 security form may be used for that purpose as well.  NOTE: Before submitting, p lease consult with your HR office to ensure the appropriate access and roles are assigned to designated Time/Leave Keepers.


Click here to find your Time of Leave Keeper.


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Last Updated: September 16, 2022

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