How To Setup An Approval Delegation

Use the HIP system to delegate your approval responsibilities to a designated proxy from the Manager Self-Service (MSS) screen. 

Immediate supervisors are responsible for time and leave approvals for their direct reports in the HIP system.  When a supervisor needs to take leave or otherwise be away from the office, they must delegate their approval authority in advance.  Your proxy must be someone that is higher up in the organization and must accept the delegation in HIP as well, to acknowledge that they have received delegation authority. 

Click here for a delegation guide to help you understand the different types of delegations in the system and how they work.

Click here for a a guide on how to setup a delegation in the HIP system.

In the rare event you cannot setup a delegation for yourself, an Executive Branch Department Director may authorize the HIP service center to setup a temporary delegation on your behalf.  An HR Admin or Fiscal/ASO office must submit a ticket with a completed Administrative Delegation Memo attached, on behalf of the department.  NOTE: If you do not setup an approval delegation prior to leave, please notify your HR or ASO/Fiscal office and work with them to setup a delegation on your behalf.  In addition, an end date must be provided and delegations cannot be left open-ended. 

Click here to download a fillable copy of the Administrative Delegation Memo. 


Click here to find your Time of Leave Keeper.  


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Last Updated: September 16, 2022  

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