Manage Employee Overtime Requests

Use the HIP system to pre-approve overtime (OT) your employees anticipate working or approve their unexpected overtime hours after they’ve already worked them from the Manager Self-Service (MSS) screen. 

OT is something employees need to request approval for in the HIP system prior to actually working and entering on their Timesheet.  In special cases where OT must be worked unexpectedly, employees may enter the OT directly on their Timesheet, however, this will add an extra step in the approval process by generating an exception.   NOTE: It is important employees and supervisors follow all their department/agency policies and procedures for OT before entering or approving the request in HIP. 

Here is a helpful illustration showing when an employee should use the two (2) processes for requesting pre-approval of OT they anticipate working or reporting unexpected OT after they’ve already worked and steps for how you should manage them:


Introduction To Time & Leave (T&L) Manager Self-Service (MSS) 

How To Approve T&L Requests 

Managing Exceptions 

Last Updated: September 29, 2022 

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