Are You Ready Group 2? Preparing for Direct Deposit Enrollment – July 2-16

It’s almost time for Group 2 employees to input their direct deposit information into the new payroll system utilizing the Employee Self-Service features in the Hawaii Information Portal. Please share this information to help everyone enroll quickly and easily. Employees that currently receive their pay automatically through a bank assignment and/or credit union deductions, MUST input their direct deposit information during this period. If direct deposit information is not entered into the system, employees will receive a paper pay check once the system transitions. Act 110, SLH 1998 requires employees to use direct deposit rather than receiving a paper check, if they are not casual employees and were hired on or after July 1, 1998. Here’s important information to ensure you are ready for the upcoming direct deposit enrollment:

  1. Group 2 consists of employees in Judiciary; Legislature; Office of Hawaiian Affairs; and these Executive branch departments including all of their attached agencies and offices: Agriculture; Attorney General; Budget & Finance; Business, Economic Development & Tourism; Commerce & Consumer Affairs; Defense; Governor’s Office; Hawaiian Home Lands; Hawaii Health Systems Corporation; Hawaii State Public Library System; Health; Human Services; Labor & Industrial Relations; Land & Natural Resources; Lt. Governor’s Office; Public Safety; Taxation; and Transportation.
  2. Stay informed by checking the HawaiiPay website For Employees page for updates.
  3. Introduction letters on the new payroll system and employee self-service features were sent out in May by departments and branches.
  4. User ID and Password letters are being distributed in June through your department/branch. Keep this information secure and do not lose this letter.
  5. Obtain the routing number and savings/checking account information for any bank or credit union account where you want your pay to be direct deposited. Here’s a worksheet to help you collect the information. Review some quick tips on how to find your routing and account numbers. Direct deposits can be set-up for U.S. banks or credit unions located anywhere within the United States and certain U.S. territories. If an error message appears when inputting the routing number into the system, contact the HIP Service Center at 808-201-SERV [7378] or [email protected].
  6. Access and review direct deposit guides and training videos including the Employee Self-Service quick start guide or step-by-step guide and training information on the HawaiiPay website.
  7. Identify a State-networked computer to input your information, such as your regular work computer. If you know of employees without regular access to a State-networked computer, encourage them to work with their supervisor to identify a computer they can use or attend an enrollment drive – see below.
  8. July 2–16, 2018 – Set up direct deposit for all accounts – e.g., checking, savings, holiday savings, etc. – in the system accessed through the Hawaii Information Portal. All current bank assignments and credit union deductions should be set-up as individual direct deposits, employees can have as many direct deposits as needed. Here’s the detailed guide on setting up multiple direct deposits.
  9. Entering your direct deposit information early at the beginning of the enrollment period allows for time to make any corrections or adjustments before July 16, if needed.
  10. August 3, 2018 – The first payroll to be processed in the new system for Group 2 will be dispersed.
  11. Pay statements for Group 2 will be available electronically through the Hawaii Information Portal starting with the August 3, 2018, pay statement and will continue to be printed through calendar year 2018.


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