Get Your Pay Statement

HIP pay statements are visible on a computer as well as a mobile device using the Pay Statement tile



Guide to understanding your pay statement





Your pay statements are archived for as long as you’ve been using HIP.  To change the date range of pay statements you can see, use the filter icon  to select the date range you’d like to view.

Using the arrow icon changes the dates the pay statements are sorted in.

Mobile Devices

On mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the view is condensed to fit on a small screen.




You can expand each section — earnings, taxes, etc. – by clicking on the arrow to view more details.

If you need a full-size pay statement, you’ll want to access HIP from a computer.







On computers, HIP will generate your pay statement as a .PDF file that you can download, save, print, etc.  You will need to disable your browser’s pop-up blocker to allow the .PDF pay statement to appear for you.


Your Earnings Amounts, Deductions, Taxes

If you have questions about garnished wages, please contact [email protected] for assistance, as the HIP Service Center does not handle employee garnishments.

For questions about how much you’ve earned or if you believe you are missing pay, and for general questions about your deductions or taxes, please contact your department’s payroll/fiscal office.




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