Register With The Commission As A Candidate Committee

Registration with the Commission as a candidate committee is required within ten (10) days of the earlier of:

  • The date a candidate files nomination papers for a state or local office with the Office of Elections or County Clerk’s Office; or
  • The date the candidate or candidate committee receives contributions or makes or incurs expenditures of more than $100 in the aggregate during the applicable election period.

Registering with the Commission means electronically filing an Organizational Report in the Candidate Filing System (“CFS”). In order to access or login to the CFS, the candidate committee must complete and submit an Electronic Filing Form to obtain a username and password.

Candidate Committee Electronic Filing Form (Rev. 11/2021)
A new Electronic Filing Form must be completed, esigned, and emailed separately by the candidate, chairperson and treasurer.  The Commission will not process the form until it is complete with all the required signatures.  Furthermore, the Commission will not follow-up with any committee that files an incomplete form.  It is the sole responsibility of the committee to make sure that a completed form is received by the Commission.  A separate Electronic Filing Form form is also available above if only one person will be esigning this form as the candidate, chairperson and treasurer.