Candidate Committee Forms

The Commission offers two ways for candidate committees to submit forms.  They are: (1) eSign and (2) Writable/Printable PDF.  Regardless of the method chosen, candidate committees must complete and timely submit these forms.


eSign forms must be completed, esigned, and emailed to the Commission directly from the Adobe Document Cloud system after a user confirms their identity through an email authentication process.  Any Internet browser can be used and no special software including Adobe Reader is needed to eSign.  The free Adobe Document Cloud system will appear in your browser when you click any form that has an eSign link below.

How The Process Works
An eSign form can be esigned by either typing your full legal name into a box that will create a generic signature of your name in the eSign box; typing your full legal name into a box and then signing your name in the eSign box with your mouse;  or, typing your full legal name into a box and then using a touch screen device such as a tablet or smart phone and then using your finger or touch screen writing tool to sign your name in the eSign box.

After you complete an eSign form, an initial email will be sent to the email address you entered into the form.  You must check your email and click on the link in the email to confirm your identity, and to send the completed eSign form to the Commission.  You will then receive a second email to confirm the filing and this email will also include a final PDF copy of the completed eSign form as an attached file for your records.

Multiple Signature Forms
For the Electronic Filing Form and Executed Loan Document which require multiple signatures, they must be completed, esigned, and emailed separately by each person required to sign the form.  The Commission will not process these forms until they are complete with all the required signatures.  Furthermore, the Commission will not follow-up with any committee that files an incomplete multiple signature form.  It is the sole responsibility of the committee to make sure that a completed multiple signature form is received by the Commission.  It is also permissible for multiple signature forms to be filed via a combination of eSign and writable/printable PDF.  Once again, the Commission will not process a multiple signature form until the form is complete with all the required signatures.

A new Electronic Filing Form must be completed and esigned by the candidate, chairperson and treasurer.  A change to a chairperson or treasurer will require an amended Electronic Filing Form to be completed and esigned by the new chairperson and/or new treasurer and the candidate.

*A separate Electronic Filing Form and Executed Loan Document form is also available below if only one person will be esigning these forms.

Writable/Printable PDF

Writable/Printable PDF forms must be completed and signed then mailed or delivered to the Commission office.  The Executed Loan Document, Fundraiser Notice, Request for Termination, Statement of Intent and Statement of Information forms can also be faxed to the Commission at (808) 586-0288.

1. Candidate Committee Electronic Filing Form (requires multiple signatures)
The “Electronic Filing Form” must be filed to obtain a user name and password to login to the Candidate Filing System.  The form is also used to report a change in the Chairperson or Treasurer. (Rev. 11/2021)
2. Executed Loan Document (requires multiple signatures)
The Executed Loan Document is required for every loan made to a candidate committee in excess of $100 and must be received by the Commission on or before the filing date for the report covering the reporting period when the loan was received. (Rev. 09/2019)
3. Notice Of Intent To Hold A Fundraiser
The Notice of Intent form is used to notify the Commission of a candidate’s intent to hold a fundraiser for any function held for the benefit of a candidate or candidate committee that is intended or designed, directly or indirectly, to raise contributions for which any price is charged or any contribution is suggested for attending the function.  The form must be filed with the Commission prior to the fundraiser by the person in charge of the fundraiser. (Rev. 04/2023)
Note: If a notice is submitted to our office on the same day the event is scheduled, we must receive the notice prior to the fundraiser’s start time and before our office closes for the day at 4:30 p.m.  Notices for fundraisers held on Saturday, Sunday, or State Holidays must be submitted to our office by 4:30 p.m. on the last business day prior to the Saturday, Sunday, or State Holiday.
4. Request For Termination Of Registration
The Termination form is used to terminate registration with the Commission. (Rev. 09/2017)
A closing bank statement for each account must also be mailed, delivered or faxed to the Commission to verify that all relevant bank accounts have been closed.
 5. Public Funding Form – Affidavit To Voluntarily Agree With Campaign Expenditure Limits
The Affidavit must be signed and notarized by the candidate, and filed no later than the time of filing nomination papers with the chief election officer or county clerk.  Candidates that file the Affidavit are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Candidate receives a discounted nomination paper filing fee; and
  • Candidate becomes eligible to receive public funding. (Rev. 12/2022)

Form must be notarized so no eSign available.

6. Public Funding Form – Statement Of Intent To Seek Public Funds
The Statement of Intent must be filed before contributions can be considered qualifying contributions for the purpose of receiving matching public funds.  There is no specific deadline for filing the Statement. (Rev. 12/2022)
Statement of Intent forms filed by eSign on a Saturday, Sunday or State Holiday will be processed on the next business day.
7. Public Funding Form – Application For Public Funds
The Application is used to apply for public funds.  The Application must be notarized and filed with the Commission no later than thirty days after the general election. (Rev. 07/2017)

Form must be notarized so no eSign available.