Social Media Policy

The Commission recognizes the value of social media and seeks to leverage its capabilities to increase, enhance, and supplement our communication efforts to inform our filers (candidate committees, noncandidate committees and corporations) and the public of important and time sensitive campaign finance information in our efforts to achieve better compliance.

The Commission will utilize Facebook and Twitter for this purpose but it asks that all questions and requests for information, filing assistance or advisory opinions be directed to our office in writing or by calling us at (808) 586-0285. Please do not use our Facebook and Twitters pages for this purpose.

Since Facebook and Twitter do allow posts from their members, we ask that you keep your posts clean and that you follow our posting guidelines below.  Failure to comply will result in your post being removed:

  • No personal attacks of any kind, obscenities, profanity, abusive, hateful, defamatory, explicit or racially derogatory language towards any person or organization are allowed.
  • No solicitations or advertisements are allowed.  This includes promotion or endorsement of any person, organization, or issue.
  • No posts suggesting or encouraging illegal activities are allowed.
  • You participate at your own risk, taking personal responsibility for your posts, username, and any information provided. To protect your privacy, we suggest that you refrain from including personal information in your posts.

While social media is a 24/7 medium, our tracking capabilities are not.  We may not see every post right away but every effort will be made to promptly remove posts that fail to follow these guidelines.

The Commission reserves the right to remove any post at any time.