Information for State of Hawaii Partners

Please find critical information concerning the State of Hawaii’s 2018 migration to the new PeopleSoft Payroll System below.  Please check back frequently for updates.

The new system is tentatively expected to deploy in two employee groups in 2018. The first employee deployment group (tentatively) will receive paychecks in April of 2018, and the specific date — the 5th or the 20th — will be announced and updated on this webpage, when available. The first deployment group will involve approximately 1,200 of the 76,000 state employees. The second deployment group will tentatively receive paychecks in 3rd quarter (July or August) of 2018, and is currently expected to include the rest of the state’s 76,000 employees.  Please also refer to the project schedule.

For Banks and Credit Unions

Please read our November 13 2017 Letter to Financial Institutions.

Q.  Is the State of Hawaii going to be cutting paper checks to us still?

A.  No.  With the launch of the PeopleSoft payroll system, the State of Hawaii will be able to transmit true ACH to financial institutions for the first time.

Q.  Will the State of Hawaii be doing pre-note?

A.  Yes, we will be doing pre-note for the first paychecks in each deployment group, and thereafter will assess the need to continue doing pre-note.

Q.  What can we do to help our customers with the transition?

A.  Just prior to each deployment group, your customers may need your help locating  your routing number and their account numbers.  They will need this information to ensure they can enroll in direct deposit during the “open enrollment” window we’ll be giving them.  It’s very important that your customers set up their direct deposit information during open enrollment because not doing so will result in them receiving a paper check from the State of Hawaii.  We are ensuring that all State employees know the importance of doing this and will be communicating this to them in multiple ways to assist them with the process.

Q.  What Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) will be originating the ACH payroll files?

A.  Wells Fargo.

For AXWAY Users

Part of the implementation will involve processing payroll on dual systems as we transition from the old  mainframe payroll system to the new PeopleSoft payroll system.  During that transition period, we will be generating two sets of outbound files — one from the old mainframe system and the other from the new PeopleSoft payroll system.  Our inbound files will not be affected and can be processed as is, but will need to be directed to our new FTP site.

Q. What if we can’t handle two different sets of outbound files?

A. If you can’t handle two sets of outbound files, please contact no later than December 29, 2017 to make arrangements for a consolidated file.

Q. Is AXWAY going away?

A. No, but your payroll-related files will need to be uploaded/downloaded to a new sFTP server.  Therefore, IP addresses and/or DNS will be changing.  The same file structure and names will remain.  Non-payroll related files will not be impacted by this change.  For Group 1, we’ll be providing production logon details for the sFTP in mid-March and posting them here.  Details for the test sFTP will be provided here in early January.  For Group 2 deployment, more information will be posted later.

Q. How will integration testing be handled?

A. Once the sFTP server has been set up, you will be contacted to verify connectivity.  Please be advised that this will occur sometime between 12/26/2017 and 1/19/2018.

Q. How do I reach someone in the event of an emergency or problem?

A. Project staff will be working in multiple locations during this critical phase.  For assistance during regular business hours Hawaii Standard Time, please use one of the following contacts:

  • Clay Higuchi at (808) 586-1912 or (808) 586-1850 x 781
  • Michael Shiroma at (808) 586-1911 (Primary #) or 586-1850 x 769
  • Joi Yamamoto (808) 586-1811

For assistance after hours, please contact our Assistance Center via (808) 586-1900.

Q. Will file formats be changing?

A. No.

Please address questions to or call (808) 586-8800 during state business hours.