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State employees in DAGS and DHRD can view their pay statements and update their direct deposit information in the Hawaii Information Portal. If you need to reset your password, contact the HIP Service Center on Oahu at (808) 201-SERV (7378). 


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    • Reference Guide for the versions of web browsers that are compatible with the Hawaii Information Portal.  (04-09-18)


Deployment of the New Payroll System to State Employees

The direct deposit enrollment period for Group 2 is currently scheduled for July 2 – 16, 2018. Employees will receive more details in the coming weeks.


See What Employees are Asking

(updated 04-30-18)

What is happening?

The State of Hawaii is undergoing a modernization of its 40-year-old payroll system which utilizes manual processes and a mainframe system.

What is changing?

The Hawaii Information Portal will allow State of Hawaii employees the ability to access and update their information on their own through employee self-service. The Hawaii Information Portal will eventually be comprised of two systems — 1) payroll and 2) time and attendance — and more may be added in the future.

In the payroll system that is rolling-out in 2018, employees will be able to manage their direct deposit(s), update their tax withholding, view and print pay statements and tax forms, update their payroll address, and maintain their emergency contact information.

Are retired employees affected by this new system?

No, retirees receive their pension through the State of Hawaii Employees’ Retirement System (ERS). The ERS is completely separate from the State employee payroll system. As a retiree, your direct deposit information does not need to be updated or reentered as a result of the implementation of the new Hawaii Information Portal payroll system.

Who can I contact if I need help?

The Hawaii Information Portal (HIP) Service Center is here to help you with questions or issues in the new payroll system. You can contact the service center at 808-201-SERV (7378) (Oahu) or  The phone lines will be staffed from 7:45 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding State holidays.

At any time, you can leave a voice message or send an email. You should expect to receive a response within one business day during the week or the first business day after a weekend or holiday. Complete resolution of the questions or issues may take longer depending on complexity.

The HIP Service Center tracks all reported user issues, including bugs, and ensures resolution to all issues.  The service center can assist State employees with providing navigation guidance, how to do password resets, how to add a new bank/credit union that’s not pre-loaded, any many more questions.

Will I get paid the same as I do today?

Yes, your pay will be the same based on your pay rate and the hours that you work.

Note: The new system may round or total slightly different from the current system; however, any variances will be outlined and attributed to the system routines, as applicable.

Why do I have to input my information for my bank/credit union and accounts ? I thought I already have direct deposit?

Current bank assignment and credit union deduction information is not available in a format that can be transferred into the new system. The new payroll system handles direct deposits through the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH), which is the standard for banking systems around the world.  The State of Hawaii has used carbon copy forms (State internal Form D-60) to collect direct deposit information (i.e., bank assignments and credit union deductions) from employees up to this point. Legacy mainframe system limitations have prevented full account numbers from being recorded and therefore direct deposit enrollment information collected from existing employees over the years cannot be migrated to the new payroll system.  Therefore, the State needs its employees to enter their direct deposit details during their designated enrollment period.

Do I have to use a specific computer or can I access the Hawaii Information Portal from home?

State employees that have access to a computer on the State network will be able to use that computer to log on to the Hawaii Information Portal. From a State-networked computer, employees will be able to input and change their information for direct deposit(s), tax withholding, payroll address, and emergency contacts, as well as view/print their W-2 form and pay statement.

When the system is fully implemented, employees will be also able to see and print pay statements using a personal computer or mobile device not connected to the State network.  For security purposes and to protect our employees’ personal information, the ability to change information and access other features will not be available on computers off the State-network.

How do I know if the computer I'm using is connected to the State Network?

Upon logon, if you see the tile for “Direct Deposit”, you’ll know that you’re on a computer connected to the State network.

I don’t have access to a computer on the State-network as part of my job, how can I input my information?

For employees that do not use a computer for their job, State jurisdictions, departments, and agencies have been asked to provide employees access through a designated computer on the State’s network or a special kiosk.  Also, enrollment drives will be held during the enrollment periods throughout the different departments, jurisdictions, and agencies.

Employees who do not have access to a State-networked computer are allowed up to 2 hours of work time including travel time to attend a Direct Deposit Enrollment Drive. The 2-hour release time will NOT apply to employees who already have access to a State computer. 

Do I have to set up direct deposit?

Act 110, SLH 1998 requires employees to use direct deposit rather than receiving a paper check, if they are not casual employees and were hired on or after July 1, 1998. Employees covered by this act will need to enroll in direct deposit in the Hawaii Information Portal. You will be notified of the specific window of time when to take action, and failure to enroll during that window of time, or entering their information incorrectly, will result in receiving a paper check until you enroll in direct deposit.

Currently scheduled enrollment periods in 2018 are:

July 2 – 16 – Direct Deposit Enrollment period for

    • Remaining Executive Branch Dept./Agencies: Agriculture; Attorney General; Budget & Finance; Business, Economic Development & Tourism; Defense; Commerce & Consumer Affairs; Governor’s Office; Lt. Governor’s Office; Hawaiian Home Lands; Health; Human Services; Labor; Land and Natural Resources; Public Safety; Taxation; and Transportation
    • Hawaii Health Systems Corporation
    • Hawaii State Public Library System
    • Judiciary
    • Legislature
    • Office of Hawaiian Affairs

What happens if I don’t complete my direct deposit sign-up in the new system?

If an employee does not complete direct deposit enrollment prior to the first paycheck being processed in the new payroll system, they will be paid with a paper check once the new system is live. If the employee enrolls any time after the initial enrollment period, the first pay check they receive after enrolling will be paper as the system requires confirmation during one pay period to validate the bank/credit union account number that was used.  This is to ensure the security of the funds deposited to the employee.

Can I set up direct deposit for banks or credit unions outside of Hawaii?

Yes. Since the State will now be using the Automated Clearinghouse system to distribute employees’ direct deposits, most banks and credit unions throughout the United States can be designated to receive direct deposits. Deposits can only be directed to banks based in the US and the branches must be located within the United States or some U.S. territories. Banks cannot be located in other countries. During the employee’s enrollment period for their department, jurisdiction, or agency, you can enter your bank/credit union’s routing number and checking/savings account number. All banks/credit unions in Hawaii currently being used by employees have been pre-loaded into the system but not all banks or credit unions on the U.S. mainland have been pre-loaded into the system. If you get an error that the routing number for your bank/credit union is invalid, please contact the HIP Service Center at 808-201-SERV (7378) or to have it added to the system.

If I don’t have direct deposit today, can I set it up in the new system?

Yes, you are highly encouraged to set up your direct deposit during the enrollment period for your department, jurisdiction, or agency.  The specific enrollment period for your department, jurisdiction, or agency will be communicated in a letter to you, along with your secure ID and password.  All State employees are eligible to set-up direct deposit for their net pay, and most must do so as a matter of State statute.

Will my pay statement look the same?

You will notice some changes with the physical appearance of the pay statement in terms of where information may be located. To begin with, your payroll address will now appear on your new pay statement as well as other payroll information that does not appear today. Refer to a preview of the new pay statement.

Will I continue to receive printed pay stubs?

Throughout 2018, paper pay statements will continue to be issued by most State of Hawaii agencies, except for the University of Hawaii which already uses electronic statements exclusively. In 2018, all State employees will also gain access to electronic pay statements through the Hawaii Information Portal from a personal computer, mobile device, and/or State-networked computer.  In the Hawaii Information Portal, employees will be able to save, email, or print a copy of their pay statement at any time. For pay statements issued before the new payroll system, requests will still need to go through the employee’s department, jurisdiction or agency.

What’s a credit union deduction?

In the old mainframe system, a credit union deduction was a method of splitting up your pay and routing those portions to unique credit union accounts. This was a method of routing your pay within a credit union if, for example, you’re paying off your credit union car loan or putting money aside for a holiday savings account.  In the new Hawaii Information Portal payroll system, credit union deductions are referred to as “direct deposits”. The new system does not limit the number of direct deposits you can make or the type of financial institution you can direct them to can be either a bank or credit union. For example, multiple direct deposits can be set-up for a holiday savings account and a vacation savings account.

What’s a bank assignment?

The term “bank assignment” means a direct deposit of your pay (also known as net wages), which could be to a bank or a credit union. In the new Hawaii Information Portal payroll system, bank assignments are referred to as “direct deposits”. The new system does not limit the number of direct deposits you can make or the type of financial institution.