About HawaiiPay

The Enterprise Payroll and Time & Attendance Modernization (HawaiiPay) project is led by the Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS) Accounting Division in partnership with the Office of Enterprise Technology Services. The HawaiiPay project launched in November 2016 to modernize payroll and time & attendance systems to provide greater functionality and efficiencies in serving more than 75,000 full- and part-time employees statewide. The project represents a significant opportunity to further transform the culture of government to embrace and accelerate the adoption of more efficient, less paper-dependent ways of doing business.

Project Vision

The State of Hawaii as an enterprise will modernize, expand and leverage solutions to integrate data, functionality and compliance reporting to continue to efficiently meet enterprise resource planning functions and needs for human resources, payroll administration, time reporting, financial and budget management.

Project Guiding Principles

  1. Minimize customizations and use delivered functionality to manage cost and ensure long-term supportability.
  2. Align and build to modern industry best practices.
  3. Improve and standardize processes to maximize efficiency and effective-ness and reduce risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why are we doing the HawaiiPay project?
The HawaiiPay project is helping the state to replace its mainframe payroll system that is over 40 years old with a single integrated software system called PeopleSoft.

The new payroll system will enable payroll offices of state jurisdictions, departments and agencies to reduce the manual, paper-intensive process by using a modern online application.

Q2: How will employees benefit from this project?
Employees will be able to access Online Payroll Employee Self Service functionality to:

  • Access pay statements
  • Update payroll address
  • Update federal and state tax forms
  • Manage direct deposit accounts

Q3: How will this project benefit payroll system users?
The direct benefits of the modernization effort will affect those employees who are involved with the processing of information to produce payroll. Their jobs will be less manual, which will allow them more time to work on other priority items or analytical activities.

Q4: How can I help?
Each department has a designated Point of Contact (POC) who will be provided with updates from the HawaiiPay project team. The POC may ask for your assistance with coordinating activities and sharing instructions with other staff members. Take the time to discuss your thoughts and ideas with others about the project. If you are interested in opportunities to help with the project, contact your POC. Remain informed by asking questions or simply refer to our website.

Q5: Who is involved?
The HawaiiPay project team is comprised of state resources working closely together with consultants from CherryRoad Technologies and Pacxa. The new payroll system will cover over 75,000 employees statewide from all branches of Hawaii state government: Executive (including the Department of Education, University of Hawaii, and Hawaii Health Systems Corporation), Judiciary and Legislative, as well as the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

Q6: Who is leading this project?
The project is sponsored by the Department of Accounting and General Services’ Accounting Division in coordination with the Office of Enterprise Technology Services. The executive sponsor is state Comptroller Roderick Becker, the project sponsor is Accounting Division Chief Wayne Horie, and the program manager is Leila Kagawa.

Q7: Will people lose their jobs?
There are no plans to reduce the workforce. Some job functions may be slightly modified to align with updated business processes inherent in the new software, providing enhanced tools and functionality for employees.

Q8: Will my pay statement look the same?
You will notice some changes with the physical appearance of the pay statement in terms of where information may be located. To begin with, your payroll address will now appear on your new pay statement as well as other payroll information that does not appear today. You will receive more information about the new pay statement prior to implementation.

Q9: Will I get paid the same as I do today?
Yes, your pay will be the same based on your pay rate and the hours that you work.

Note: The new system may round or total slightly different from the current system; however, any variances will be outlined and attributed to the system routines, as applicable.

Q10: Do I need to be trained on the system?
Yes, if you are a current payroll system user, you will likely be trained on the new payroll system. This training will occur approximately two months before implementation. For all other employees, you will receive information about the new pay statements and instructions to use the Employee Self Service to view and update your payroll information.

Q11: How can I get more information about the new payroll system?
For more information and updates, please visit the HawaiiPay project website at: ags.hawaii.gov/hawaiipay

Q12: What if I have questions about the project or concerns?
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the HawaiiPay project team at (808) 586-8800 or email ets.erp@hawaii.gov