Group 1’s Success in Enrolling in Direct Deposit

From April 2-16, employees from the Department of Human Resources (DHRD) and the Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS) and its attached agencies, were the first to access the Hawaii Information Portal (HIP). They used the employee self-service features to complete their direct deposit enrollment in the new payroll system. The results of the direct deposit enrollment were:

    • 99% enrollment of employees from DAGS and DHRD required by the state statute to have direct deposit
    • 35 of 48 people in DAGS and DHRD previously receiving paper pay checks enrolled in direct deposit

State Employees Enrollment DriveEmployees used their state-networked computers or attended enrollment drives to input their information. The Hawaii Information Portal Service Center received only about 40 calls regarding assistance in resetting passwords, navigating the system, or needing other assistance specific to the system. The first pay check to be distributed to this group of employees through the new system will be on May 4. They can then go into the HIP to view their online pay statement. Great job all!

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