Getting Everyone Ready

The HawaiiPay project team was able to meet individually with each jurisdiction, agency, and department in December 2017 and January 2018 to gather necessary set-up information, while also providing an overview of the Hawaii Information Portal and a first glimpse of the new online payroll change schedule. Staff in the meetings included payroll, human resources, and IT, as well as other leaders. We appreciate the great exchange of information and that the teams took the time to meet with us.
Each group shared their internal business processes including how they review payroll information and process payroll change schedules. HawaiiPay staff learned about many unique variances based on structures and internal deadlines that impact their employees and their payroll team’s availability. This information is invaluable in moving the HawaiiPay project forward with overall business process designs, system functionality, and setup for the jurisdictions, agencies, and departments. HawaiiPay is looking forward to working with these teams in testing, training, and implementing the Hawaii Information Portal.

Read more in the January 2018 edition of HawaiiPay News.

In this edition…

Thank you to the many State employees that shared their time with the HawaiiPay project staff!

Photo Collage Hawaii State Staff