First Two Departments ‘Go Live’ in Q2 2018

As one of the State of Hawaii’s largest and ambitious modernization projects, the Enterprise Payroll and Time & Attendance Modernization (HawaiiPay) project is being implemented in two phases: Payroll followed by Time & Attendance. To ensure success, each phase consists of Analysis, Design & Build, Test, Deployment, and Support.

Timeline graphicFor the Payroll Phase, the HawaiiPay project team has worked with various jurisdictions, departments and agencies since project launch in November 2016 to complete more than 50 hours of “Fit/Gap” sessions as part of Analysis, and has since moved into Design & Build. Already, the project has met its first major milestone by successfully migrating the executive branch’s primary HR database, the Human Resources Management System (HRMS), to a Cloud-enabled environment. Completed last May, the migration resulted in significantly improved security, resilient backup, and enhanced disaster recovery capability for the HRMS database. 

Project efforts are now focused on system configuration and departmental IT readiness to ensure the required hardware, software and network bandwidth are in place when the first two departments — the Department of Accounting & General Services (DAGS) and Department of Human Resources Development (DHRD) — go live on the new PeopleSoft payroll system in second quarter 2018. Remaining departments will begin transitioning in third quarter 2018. To stay up-to-date on the HawaiiPay project schedule, watch for future editions of HawaiiPay News.

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