Remember To Checkoff $3 On Your State Tax Return

The Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission operates from a trust fund called the Hawaii Election Campaign Fund.  This fund depends on Hawaii taxpayers checking off the box on their state income tax form which permits $3 from state funds (or $6 if married and filing a joint return) to be allocated to our trust fund.  Tax filers are informed that participation is voluntary and does not increase their tax or reduce their refund.  Monies in this campaign fund help to provide accountability, transparency, and integrity by providing public funding to candidates as well as pays for the operational expenses of the Commission.

With the assistance of, and in partnership with Common Cause Hawaii, we would like to increase the revenue coming into the trust fund this tax season.  As such, we will be embarking on an awareness campaign with promotions that will look like this:

 Choose “Yes” for the Hawaii Election Campaign Fund
on your state income tax return

By marking the $3 “Yes” checkbox for the Hawaii Election Campaign Fund, you support
the work of the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission. The Commission serves Hawaii
voters by helping to ensure that:

♦ campaign donations and campaign expenditures are lawful and transparent
♦ more qualified candidates have an opportunity to run for office

Choose “Yes” on your tax return
It does NOT reduce the amount of your refund

or increase the amount of your tax payment.