Candidates Complying with the Expenditure Limit (District 5)

The following candidates filed the Affidavit to Voluntarily Agree with Campaign Expenditure Limits form for the 2009 Honolulu City Council District 5 Special Election:

1. Bornhorst, Heidi

2. Cain, S. Michael

3. Ching, Wendell

4. Hayes, Gladys

5. Lee, Philmund

6. Peralto, Keolu

7. Quimby, James

8. Rockwell, Phillip

9. Sim, Jacques

10. Winfree, Earl

Candidates that file the Affidavit agree not to spend more than $65,103 for the period of January 1, 2009 through August 7, 2009, and are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Discounted nomination paper filing fee; and
  • Contributors may take a tax deduction.