Independent Expenditure Committees (“Super PACs”)

These are noncandidate committees that have registered and certified with the Commission that they will only be making independent expenditures.  “Independent expenditures” means an expenditure expressly advocating the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate that is not made in concert or cooperation with or at the suggestion of the candidate, the candidate committee, a party, or their agents.  See, HRS §11-302.

As a result of a federal lawsuit entitled Yamada, et al v. Weaver, et al., the Commission is enjoined from enforcing the $1,000 contribution limit as provided in HRS §11-358.  Therefore, there is no limit on contributions to noncandidate committees making solely independent expenditures.

NOTE:  Please be aware that if a noncandidate committee making solely independent expenditures makes or directs a contribution to a candidate or candidate committee, or coordinates an expenditure with a candidate or candidate committee, it will not be considered a noncandidate committee making solely independent expenditures.  Thus, the contribution limit of $1,000 as specified in HRS §11-358 will be applied.

The following is a list of the 20 noncandidate committees making solely independent expenditures that are currently registered with the Commission including links to their organizational reports and filed disclosure reports:

  • AiKea UNITE HERE (Reg. 6/24/12)
  • Aloha Aina Oiaio (Reg. 7/11/20)
  • Be Change Now (Reg. 4/30/18)
  • BIA-Hawaii Super PAC (Reg. 5/15/14)
  • Friends of Council District 9 (Reg. 9/29/20)
  • Hawaii Conservatives (Reg. 8/24/22)
  • Hawaii Family Advocates (Reg. 9/30/20)
  • Hawaii Realtors for Good Government (Reg. 5/4/16)
  • HIRA Action (Reg. 9/25/13)
  • HiVISION2020 (Reg. 6/22/20)
  • Imua Hawai PAC (Reg. 8/2/18)
  • Kaiaulu Builders (Reg. 9/25/18)
  • Kuhio PAC (Reg. 11/23/21)
  • Local Business 4 Change (Reg. 2/21/22)
  • Maui’s Ohana Candidates (Reg. 7/15/22)
  • National Association of Realtors Fund (Reg. 7/15/14)
  • One Ohana Political Action Committee (Reg. 7/1/14)
  • Our Hawaii PAC (Reg. 7/12/22)
  • Planned Parenthood Alliance PAC, Serving WA, AK, ID, HI, IN, KY (Reg. 7/14/20)
  • Po’ola PAC (Reg. 3/19/24)