Ballot Issue Committees

On November 8, 2022, voters will have the opportunity to decide on 24 City/County Charter Amendment questions (Honolulu-4, Hawaii-3, Maui-13, Kauai-4).  There are no State Constitutional Amendment questions that will appear on the 2022 General Election Ballot.

Ballot issue committees register with the Commission for the exclusive purpose of making or receiving contributions, making expenditures, or incurring financial obligations for or against any question or issue appearing on the ballot in the next applicable election.  See, HRS §11-302 & §11-327.  These committees are prohibited from receiving contributions or making expenditures to influence the nomination or election of a candidate to office.  See, HRS §11-327.  Further, these committees are not subject to contribution limits.  See, HRS §11-358.  Following the election for which the issue appears on the ballot, these committees will then have 90 days to terminate their registration with the Commission and return all surplus funds to the contributors or donate the funds to a community service, educational, youth, recreational, charitable, scientific, or literary organization; otherwise, the surplus funds shall escheat to the Hawaii Election Campaign Fund.  See, HRS §11-327(c).

The following ballot issue committee is currently registered with the Commission including links to their organizational report and filed disclosure reports: