Trademark Records (1888-1988)

Trademarks bannerWhat you’ll need:

  • The company’s name filing the trademark
  • The year the company applied for the trademark or the certificate was issued
  • The certificate/application number
  • The Archives has an index of certificates issued from 1888-1943. For other certificate/application numbers and years, contact the Business Registration Division

What you’ll find:

  1. Index to Certificates of Registration, 1910-1943
  2. Certificates of Registration up to No. 22,000 for 1888-1972
  3. Applications, 1888-1976
  4. Applications & Certificates of Registration Nos. 22,001-94,000 for 1972-1988
  5. Correspondence Regarding Trademark Applications, 1913-1933
  6. Assignments, Mergers, Change of Corporate Name, 1943-1963

The Trademark Records are available for viewing in their original format in the Archives Reading Room.