Annual Exhibits (Profit, 1900-1993; Nonprofit, 1942-1993)

American Factors (Amfac) Building - Corner of Fort & Queen Streets

What you’ll need:

What you’ll find:

  • The corporate name and mailing address
  • Authorized capital and paid-in capital
  • Number of shares in the Treasury
  • Officers/directors names and residence addresses
  • Specific nature of corporate business
  • Declaration (signed by one of the officers)
  • The early exhibits, created during the Territory, contain more specific information (e.g. assets and liabilities) and are usually four pages long while the present exhibits are just one page

Corporation Exhibits are available for viewing on our self-service microfilm readers. Annual Non-Profit Exhibits are on MFL 75. Profit Exhibits are on MFL 74.

Note: For Profit Exhibits, files from 1936-1993 have been withdrawn from the Microfilm Viewing Room in compliance with Chapter 487J, Hawaii Revised Statues. To access these records, submit an order for services form to Circulation. A redacted copy of the record (with restricted information such as Social Security numbers blacked-out) will be made available to you.