Canceled Limited Partnership Files (1940-1992)

Duncan's Gym - King Street near Fort StreetWhat you’ll need:

What you’ll find:

  • Certificates of Limited Partnership Registration which contain the name of partnership
  • Date partnership was formed
  • Name and residence address of each partner
  • Nature of business
  • Principal place of business
  • Declaration
  • Some also include Affidavits of Publication and other related documents
  • Certificates of Cancellation which contain:
    • The name of the partnership
    • Dates of filing the certificates of partnership and any amendments
    • Reason for cancellation
    • Date of cancellation and names of partners at the date of cancellation
  • Certificates of Amendment of Partners which contain:
    • The name of the partnership
    • Information about substitution
    • Addition or withdrawal of partners

Cancelled Limited Partnerships are available for viewing in their original form in the Archives Reading Room.