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The data for the data visualization and data set tools below is from reports filed by Hawaii Noncandidate Committees on the Commission’s Noncandidate Committee Filing System.  The actual reports for each noncandidate committee can be viewed on the Noncandidate Committee Filing System Public Site.  Each report filed by a noncandidate committee includes a disclosure report which is a summary of activity for a reporting period and Schedules A through E as seen below.  The data for the tools below covers the period from January 1, 2008 through June 30, 2017 which encompasses the elections of 2008 through 2016.

1. Data Visualizations

This tool allows you to view charts of a noncandidate committee’s campaign spending data for a particular election period.  You will be able to view a pie chart of a noncandidate committee’s contributions to see how much and what percentage of their contributions are funded by individuals, candidate committees, noncandidate committees, etc.  You will also be able to see how much and what percentage of a noncandidate committee’s contributions are coming from in-state versus out-of-state, from which states and zip codes, as well as by geographical location.  There is also a visual chart showing how much and what percentage of a noncandidate committee’s contributions are $1,000 or less and more than $1,000 (standard noncandidate committees are limited to $1,000 in an election per person).  As for campaign expenditures, a pie chart will show how much and what percentage of a noncandidate committee’s spending was for advertising, food & beverage, printing, professional services, surveys/polls/voter lists, etc., as well as a chart showing in-state versus out-of-state spending.  One of the more interesting charts shows expenditures versus independent expenditures made by noncandidate committees and independent expenditures supporting versus opposing candidates.

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2. Data Sets (Searchable Database)

This tool allows you to search any data set below for information such as names of contributors who gave money to noncandidate committees and how much they gave, names of candidates that noncandidate committees made contributions to and how much was given, how noncandidate committees spent their money, and much more.  Instructions for searching and using the data is provided within each schedule:

The following data set links directly to