Noncandidate Committees That Failed To File Or Correct A Report

Pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes, §11-340(f), the Commission is required to publish on its website the names of all noncandidate committees that have failed to file a report or correct a report within two weeks from the notice to correct provided by the commission.

Failure To File A Report

The following noncandidate committees have failed to file the Supplemental Report due July 31, 2017:

Change Hawaii
Protect Our Keiki
Save Ewa Beach
West Oahu 2010

The fine for not filing the Supplemental Report by the due date, if assessed, shall not exceed $50 per day for the first seven days, beginning with the day after the due date of the report, and shall not exceed $200 per day thereafter; provided that in aggregate, the fine shall not exceed twenty-five per cent of the total amount of contributions or expenditures, whichever is greater, for the period covered by the report; and the minimum fine for a report filed more than four days after the due date, if assessed, shall be $200.

Failure To Correct A Substantially Defective Or Deficient Report