• Noncandidate Committee Electronic Filing Form (Writable form)
    The “Electronic Filing Form” must be filed to obtain a username and password to log-in to the Noncandidate Committee Filing System.  The form is also used to report a change in the Chairperson or Treasurer. (Revised 06/15)
  • Notice Of Intent To Hold A Fundraiser (Form NC-2) (Writable form)
    The Notice of Intent is used to notify the Commission of a noncandidate committee’s intent to hold a fundraiser for which the price or suggested contribution to attend is more than $25 per person.  The form must be filed with the Commission prior to the date of the fundraiser. (Revised 07/15)
  • Request For Termination Of Registration (Writable form)
    The Termination form is used to terminate registration with the Commission. (Revised 07/15)