Partial Public Funding


  • Statement of Intent to Seek Public Funds (Form CC-4) (To Be Updated Soon for the 2016 election)
    The Statement of Intent must be filed before contributions can be considered qualifying contributions for the purpose of receiving matching public funds.  There is no specific deadline for filing the Statement. (Revised 10/13)

    • Note: The Affidavit To Voluntarily Agree With Campaign Expenditure Limits (Form CC-2) (To Be Updated Soon for the 2016 election) must also be filed if a candidate intends to apply for partial public funding.  Refer to the Partial Public Funding Guidebook for Candidate Committees for information regarding qualifying and applying for public funds.
  • Application For Public Funds (Form CC-6)
    The Application is used to apply for public funds.  The Application must be notarized and filed with the Commission no later than thirty days after the general election. (Revised 01/13)


On-Line Training

Expenditure Limits and Partial Public Funding Amounts