State Accounting Forms

 FHB Stop Payment Order Form Rev. 09-17-2021 Version 5  FHB STOP PAY FIRST HAWAIIAN BANK STOP PAYMENT ORDER
 sa-6fillable  SA-6 Archives Division: Records Transfer List
 sa-6 instructions  Instructions for SA 6 (Records Transfer)
 sa-6afillable  SA-6A Archives Division: Records Transfer List Continuation Sheet
 sa-6a instructions  Instructions for SA 6A (Records Transfer)
 saform_a-01_07-01-02  SAFORM A-01 Appropriation Warrant
 saform_a-15_11-10-10-saveable  SAFORM A-15 Allotment Advice
 saform_a-19_01-01-00  SAFORM A-19 Request for Allotment/Allotment Advice
 saform_a-19_01-01-00_calc  SAFORM A-19calc Request for Allotment/Allotment Advice (calc)
 saform_a-20_03-01-91  SAFORM A-20 Agency Internal Journal Entry
 saform_a-21_07-01-03  SAFORM A-21 Request for Transfer of Funds
 saform_a-27_08-01-11_saveable  SAFORM A-27 Journal Voucher
 saform_a-28_07-01-83  SAFORM A-28 Universal Input Form
 saform_a-30-revised-03-2024-Version-2  SAFORM A-30 Application for Investments
 saform_a-30_instructions  Instructions for SAFORM A30 (Application for Investments)
 saform_a-47_07-01-83  SAFORM A-47 Batch Slip
 saform_a-50_01-01-00  SAFORM A-50 Appropriation Account Code Table Maintenance
 saform_a-51_01-01-00  SAFORM A-51 Cost Center Table Maintenance
 saform_a-54_-rev-6-13-23-savable  SAFORM A-54 Vendor Table Maintenance
 saform_a-54_instructions  Instructions for SAFORM A-54 (Vendor Table Maintenance)
 saform_a-55_01-01-00  SAFORM A-55 Project Control Table Maintenance
 saform_a-57_01-01-00  SAFORM A-57 Department Activity Table Maintenance
 saform_b-10_01-01-00-saveable  SAFORM B-10 Bill for Collection
 saform_b-13_4-part_04-14-2020_saveable  SAFORM B-13 4P Treasury Deposit Receipt, 4-Part
 saform b-13 instructions1  Instructions for SAFORM B-13 4P (Treasury Deposit Reciept)
 saform_b-13_6-part_04-14-2020_saveable  SAFORM B-13 6P Treasury Deposit Receipt, 6-Part
 saform b-13 instructions  Instructions for SAFORM B-13 6P (Treasury Deposit Receipt)
 saform_c-06_07-01-83  SAFORM C-06 Encumbrance Advice
 saform_c-07_07-01-87  SAFORM C-07 Unrequired Contract Encumbrance Advice
 saform_c-08_01-01-93  SAFORM C-08 Summary Warrant Voucher – Manual
 saform_c-12_01-01-85  SAFORM C-12 Payment Coding Input – Vendor Code
 saform_c-13_01-01-85  SAFORM C-13 Payment Coding Input – Vendor Name and Address
 saform_c-33_01-01-01  SAFORM C-33 Personal Automobile Mileage and Pre-Tax Parking Voucher
 saform_c-40_03-01-09_saveable  SAFORM C-40 Contract Transmittal Memorandum
 saform_c-41_11-01-90  SAFORM C-41 Contract Input
 saform_c-53_revised_02-27-2020  SAFORM C-53 Checks Cancelled
 saform_c-61_03_01_17  SAFORM C-61 Claim For Lost Check
 saform_c-62_03-01-17  SAFORM C-62 Claim For Non-Received Check
 saform_c-63_03-01-17  SAFORM C-63 Claim For Void Check
 saform_d-40_05-01-06  SAFORM D-40 Employee/Employer Relationship Determination
 saform_d-41_05-01-06  SAFORM D-41 Authorization to Pay Individual (Non-Employee)
 saform_d-45_8-1-08_saveable  SAFORM D-45 Contract for Personal Services
 saform_d-55_2-row_07-01-77_saveable  SAFORM D-55 2R Individual Time Sheet, 2-Row
 saform_d-55_3-row_07-01-77_saveable  SAFORM D-55 3R Individual Time Sheet, 3-Row
 saform_d-70_07-01-96_saveable  SAFORM D-70 Notification for Payroll Adjustment
 saform_d-71_03-01-16_saveable  SAFORM D-71 Employer’s Share of Contribution Adjustment Sheet
saform_D-90_11-01-19  SAFORM D-90 Employee’s Designation of Beneficiary