Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I go about obtaining Land Court Application/Consolidation Numbers and Map Numbers; File Plan Numbers; HTS/HSS Plat Numbers; and C.S.F. Numbers to use to search on your website?

The tax map is a good source of reference for our maps online. Survey Division website has links to the each County Property Tax Map websites.

For File Plans, the File Plan number is shown on the tax map.

For Land Court maps, the Application and Consolidation Number is shown on the tax map in addition to the lot numbers shown circled. To determine the map number, you would need to look at all of the maps online or peruse the Land Court index book found at the Bureau of Conveyances in Honolulu.

For HTS/HSS Plat maps, the plat number is found in the description of the lot. Plat maps are oversized maps filed with the Survey Division C.S.F. descriptions. They are generally numbered according to island and location.  C.S.F. numbers are assigned in numeric sequential progression and are not assigned by island or location.

Maps and descriptions of government subdivisions are filed in File Cartons of respective islands.  File Cartons are found on our website.

Are condo maps available on your map search or anywhere else?

Condo maps are Condominium Property Regime (CPR) subdivision maps filed and kept at the Bureau of Conveyances of the Department of Land and Natural Resources. Condo maps are not checked by our office and any errors or discrepancies should be referred to the developer. Condo maps are not available at the Survey Division.

Are Government Survey Registered Maps available on your website?

Yes, Registered Maps are old maps with assigned map numbers available on the website.  Other maps are available in the Miscellaneous Maps and File Cartons sections of the website.  File Cartons contain maps and descriptions of individual lots of government subdivisions and usually referenced to a Registered Map showing the overall subdivision.

I am interested in getting a list of the State’s horizontal and vertical survey controls points. How would I go about getting these?

Tidal Bench Marks and Horizontal Controls NOS are available on our website.

Horizontal and vertical controls are also available at the National Geodetic Survey website

You may also go to

I am unable to open the .tif map files on your website. What can I do?

Try using a different web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome to view the documents.

The .tif map files should open if using a MS operating system computer. Otherwise use a graphics application such as MS Imaging, MS Imaging Preview, MS Photo Editor and MS Document Imaging. If a .pdf file is also available, you may open the .pdf file with Acrobat Reader. If you encounter any problems with our map files, please contact us.

How do I get metes and bounds description of a particular property?

Check the tax map of your particular property to see if it is a Land Court or File Plan property. If it is a Land Court or File Plan property, view the Land Court or File Plan map for the metes and bounds. If the property is not a Land Court or File Plan property, view the sales history sheet of the property from the County Real Property Office or website and obtain the Document Number or Liber and Page Number of the latest recorded conveyance .  You can view the Document Number or Liber and Page Number at the Bureau of Conveyances of the Department of Land and Natural Resources in Honolulu for the metes and bounds description of the property, or on their website at

For government owned lands maps are available on our website.  Land Court and File Plan maps are also available on our website.

What does C.S.F. stand for?

C.S.F. stands for Copy of Survey Furnished. These are survey descriptions with accompanying maps produced in our office upon request from other government agencies. Oversized maps are designated as Plat maps. Since the survey descriptions and maps are furnished to other government agencies for their use, the requested government agencies should be checked whether its intended use has been executed. In other words, C.S.F. descriptions and accompanying maps are not official until finalized by the requested government agency through the issuance of a grant, deed, executive order, license, lease, etc.