About Us

The Land Survey Division’s mission is to provide field and office land survey assistance for state agencies, including Land Court and other government jurisdictions


  • Prepare, furnish and maintain maps and descriptions of all public lands required by other State agencies for the issuance of Governor’s Executive Orders, general leases, grants of easements as well as the sale of government lands or purchase of private lands for public purposes.
  • Review shoreline maps prepared by private or government surveyors submitted to the State for certification.
  • Review and report all quiet title actions referred by the Department of the Attorney General.
  • Perform mathematical check on all Land Court and File Plan maps.
  • Maintain copies of Land Court and File Plan maps with computations and related data.
  • Furnish copies of all government subdivisions and boundary survey maps, copies of survey descriptions and other map products, including File Plan and Land Court maps to government agencies, private organizations or individuals.
  • Perform field survey work to establish the boundaries of the various government parcels.
  • Provide topographic and boundary surveys for schools and other public projects.
  • Provide survey triangulation station information to other agencies and to the public.
  • Serve as an official depository of all Government Survey Registered Maps and other historic maps, field books, calculations and other survey information.