IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Elevator Upgrade – Please Read

Posted on Mar 28, 2023 in HSA News

The Public Archives will be having major construction work in our facility that will greatly impact in-person services, specifically the retrieval and issuance of archival materials here at our facility. There will also be times when there will be a great deal of noise, and so we do apologize for the disruption and inconvenience.

This project will begin early April and is projected to end later this year. Therefore, ONLY during this time, we will allow the public to submit requests for records ahead of their visit starting March 29, 2023. However, due to limited staff, the following restrictions will be in place, which does NOT guarantee that all requested materials will be ready for immediate viewing as it will be based on a first come first serve basis and whether all the appropriate information is collected, and conditions met. On-site records request are still being accepted as normal.

Please see the following instructions:

  • Starting March 29th, you can submit your request(s), which must be at least 3 business days PRIOR to your visit for your request to be considered and available.
  • You must be able to receive email notifications – NO phone calls will be made. A confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm your records request has been received, followed by another email on whether your request has been filled.
  • You must provide an exact citation, including the description of what is being requested.
  • Each submission is limited to 5 ITEMS, and so if the request is for a box – only 5 folders will be pulled from that box, to which the title and/or description of the items should be listed.
  • ONE submission per researcher per day.
  • If you are unable to make the date of visit, please notify us at [email protected] ASAP.
    • If you do not show on the date of visit listed on your online records request and there is no notice given, your request will be cancelled and future requests will be limited to on-site records requests only.

Please note again, there is NO guarantee that your requested items will be available upon your arrival as there may be situations when we cannot retrieve the items due to incomplete citation/information, the number of requests received, or other restrictions. Lastly, this service will END once the elevator project is completed and operational.

We apologize for this very short notice and disruption in service but thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Submit a Records Request at this link: A response will be sent to you to confirm and/or notify you of the status of your request.


Ma muli o ke kūkulu ʻia ʻana o ka ʻeleweka hou ma loko o ka Hale Waihona Palapala e hoʻopilikia ʻia ana nā lawelawe mea noiʻi, ʻo ka mea nui ke kiʻi a me ka hāʻawi ʻana i nā palapala i noi ʻia. I kekahi manawa e nui ana ka hana kuli, no laila e kala mai no kēia hoʻopilikia ʻana.

Ma ʻApelila ka hoʻomaka ʻana a e pau ana ma ka hapa hope o ka makahiki. I loko o kēia wā wale nō, e hiki i ka lehulehu ke noi mua i nā palapala ma mua o ke kipa ʻana mai e hoʻomaka ana ma ka lā 29 o Malaki 2023. Eia naʻe, ma muli o ka lawa ʻole o ka poʻe hana, eia kekahi mau palena ma lalo nei. ʻAʻole nō ia he hoʻohiki e mākaukau ana nā palapala i noi mua ʻia, ʻoiai e ʻae ʻia nā palapala noi mua ma ke kaʻina manawa i loaʻa mua ʻia a inā ua hoʻopiha ʻia nā helu kuhi me ka pololei. E like me ka maʻa mau, e hiki ke waiho ʻia nā palapala noi ma ke keʻena.
Eia nā kuhikuhina:

  • Mai ka lā 29 o Malaki e hiki ke hoʻouna ʻia kāu palapala noi mua he 3 lā hana MA MUA o kou lā e kipa mai ai i mea e mākaukau ai nā palapala i noi ʻia.
  • E hiki iā ʻoe ke loaʻa nā kaʻaʻike ma ka leka uila – ʻaʻole ma ke kelepona. E hoʻouna ʻia ana he leka uila hōʻoia ua loaʻa mai kāu palapala noi mua, a ma hope aku he leka uila ʻelua e hōʻike ana ua mākaukau kāu mau palapala i noi ʻia.
  • E hāʻawi mai ʻoe i ka helu kuhi kikoʻī me ke poʻoinoa a i ʻole he hōʻike pōkole o ka palapala a mea ʻē aʻe paha i noi ʻia.
  • E palena ʻia kēlā me kēia palapala noi mua i 5 MEA wale nō. Inā he pahu palapala i noi ʻia – e kiʻi ʻia 5 wale nō wahī palapala no loko mai. E kākau ʻia ke poʻoinoa a i ʻole he hōʻike pōkole o kēlā mea kēia mea i noi ʻia.
  • E palena ʻia kēlā mea noiʻi kēia mea noiʻi i HOʻOKAHI palapala noi mua i kēlā lā kēia lā.
  • Inā ʻaʻole hiki iā ʻoe ke hele mai ma kou lā kipa, e hōʻike koke mai i kou hiki ʻole ke hele mai ma [email protected]
    • Inā ʻaʻole ʻoe e hele kino mai ma kou lā kipa me ka hōʻike ʻole mai, e hoʻopau ʻia kāu palapala noi mua a ʻaʻole hiki iā ʻoe ke noi mua ma hope aku. Ma ke keʻena wale nō e hiki ai ke noi mai.

E ʻike hou aʻe, ʻaʻohe hoʻohiki e mākaukau ana nā palapala i noi mua ʻia ma kou lā kipa ma muli paha o nā kumu e laʻa me ka hewa a kapakahi paha o ka helu kuhi, ka nui o nā noi mua a i ʻole nā kumu ʻē aʻe. E pau ana kēia polokalamu noi mua i ka wā e pau ai ka ʻeleweka i ke kūkulu ʻia.

E kala mai i ka manawa pōkole o kēia hoʻolaha a me ka hoʻopilikia ʻia o nā lawelawe ʻana. Mahalo nui i kou ahonui a me ka hoʻomaopopo ʻana mai.

E hoʻouna i kekahi palapala noi mua ma kēia loulou: E hoʻouna ʻia ana he leka uila hōʻoia a/a i ʻole hōʻike i ke kūlana o kou noi.