The Collection

Record Description

Certificates of Nationality

1846-1854. 1 linear inch. 1 volume.  Documents registration of all aliens who wished to enter into business partnerships, lease land, or become citizens as authorized by the Act to Organize the Executive Departments in 1846.  Includes name, place and country of origin, and date of issue.  Also called Certificates of Domiciled Aliens.  For access, see extracted index in Indexes to Records Concerning Citizens and Residents in the Hawaiian Islands (Call number: 351.817 H3)

Register of Oaths of Allegiance

1844-1893. 2 linear inches. 2 volumes. Within each volume, arranged alphabetically and chronologically there under.  Records administration of loyalty oath prior to naturalization; contains name, country, date of naturalization, and Naturalization Record Book volume and page number.

Oaths of Allegiance

1838-1844. .25 linear inch.  Contains oaths of loyalty to the king taken in Honolulu and Lahaina.  Gives name of applicant and date of oath.  The records are primarily in Hawaiian.

Naturalization Record Books

1844-1894. 21.5 linear inches. 20 volumes, 1 folder.  Record of Oaths of Allegiance from 1844 to Aug. 20 1888 and of Certificates of Naturalization from Sept. 24, 1888 to 1894; contains name, place of origin, and current place of residence of applicants.  Also available on microfilm, no.79 (MFL 79)Naturalization Books.  For access, see Naturalization Index, 1844-1894 (call number 351.817 H29).

Application for Naturalization

Consists of letters of application for citizenship or, beginning in 1887, application forms.  May also include loyalty oaths.  Gives name, place of origin, and length and place of residence in Hawaii of applicants

Correspondence about Naturalization

1858-1893, 1896, 1899. .5 linear inches.  Consists of letters to the Minister of the Interior from government officials transmitting applications, fees, letters or recommendation, and oaths of allegiance; inquiries from private citizens about the citizenship status of individuals; and, after 1893, confiscated naturalization certificates of Chinese.  Some letters are in Hawaiian.