Naturalization Records


boatsFollowing the establishment of a constitutional government, authority to naturalize foreign citizens was vested in the


Minister of the Interior by the Act to Organized the Executive Departments in 1846, but Oaths of Allegiance to the government of the Sandwich Islands are recorded as early as 1838.

An index to the Naturalization records to Hawaii date from 1838 to 1899.

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The naturalization records generally contain:

  • applicant’s name
  • place and country of origin
  • current place of residence
  • date of issue

Index to records include:

  • Certificates of Nationality
  • Register of Oaths of Allegiance
  • Oaths of Allegiance
  • Naturalization Record Books
  • Applications for Naturalization
  • Correspondence about Naturalization

More information about the Naturalization Records.
Naturalization Files are accessible via our Digital Archives, Department of Interior page. Check the Index, arranged by name, to find the book and page number.