Getting Started

Prior to your visit to the Archives, there are several things that you can do to make the most of your trip to our facility.

  1. Gather as much information as possible about your family and/or the person you are doing research on, such as names (surname, maiden name) of parents, spouses, siblings, children, and other relatives. Also try to find, approximate dates of births, marriages, and deaths, and places that they may have resided or come from.
  2. Check our online Genealogical Indexes provided by the Ulukau website, to see whether there are documents relating to the person(s) you are researching. If a name is found, note the index, and the information that it provides.  Click on the image for an example:

ulukau screenshotKeep in mind that not all of the indexes that may help with your research are available online; therefore if there are no results for the name(s) that you searched in Ulukau, don’t be discouraged because there may be other resources that might be useful in your research (see Your Visit).

Once you have determined to come to the Hawaii State Archives, please note the following advice to make your visit more pleasant and productive.

  • View our Hawaii State Archives page for our hours and directions
  • Make sure you bring your notes with information about your research topic along with questions that you would like to ask our reference staff.  Though keep in mind there are restrictions to what you can bring into the Archives, for example no folders, large bags, etc.  Please call the Archives for more information.  Being prepared will ensure that you get the answers you need, or be directed to the correct resource(s).
  • Bring quarters, small bills, or a credit card for the parking meter if you are driving. Bring cash or check for services that we provide. Prepayment of services must be made and materials cannot be borrowed.  See Forms and Fees for more information.
  • Allow sufficient time for our staff to retrieve requested material and for you to review them.

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