Public Use of Archives

Summary of Current Rules and Procedures
Based Primarily on Chapter 20 of Title 3, Hawaii Administrative Rules
am and comp 2/07/94; am 11/17/97
Section 80-1
Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with records retrieved until 3:30 p.m.
Closed on state holidays.
Section 3-20-3 and 3-20-4
Researchers shall register each day they wish to use materials under the control of the archives and, upon request, shall furnish identification to the circulation desk staff.

Briefcases, folders, or containers of any kind shall be stored in lockers before entering the reading room. Articles needed for research may be taken to the reading room, but upon leaving, researchers shall present to the circulation desk for examination, any article that could contain archives records or other items.

Section 3-20-6
Researchers shall use the public reading room only. All records and other materials shall be brought to researchers by archives staff. Researchers shall not normally be permitted in the storage areas of the State Archives.
Section 3-20-6 and 3-20-5
  • The use of archives is subject to the restrictions set forth in chapter 92F, Hawaii Revised Statutes, and to restrictions placed on the records by other specific statute.
  • The use of manuscript collections is subject to restrictions placed on them by the donor.
  • Researchers desiring to use typewriters, computers, sound or video records devices, or photocopying equipment shall work in areas designated by the reference staff. Due to limitations in space, not more than one user of video recoding or photocopying equipment may be permitted at a time. Previous arrangement should be made.
For complete listing SEE Section 3-20-9 am 11/17/97
Section 3-20-6
  • Researchers and staff shall respect the rights of others to undisturbed use of the State Archives.
Section 3-20-4
  • Eating or drinking in the reading room is prohibited.
  • Smoking is prohibited
  • Researchers shall sign for all items requested and received from the circulation desk.
  • Researchers are responsible or all items delivered to them and shall return the records to the Circulation desk.
  • Before leaving the reading room, even for a short time, a researcher shall place all records in their proper folders.
  • The circulation staff may limit the quantity of record and other materials to be delivered to a researcher at one time. A copy may be substituted for items considered too fragile to be used by researchers.
  • The use of records or material of exceptional value or in fragile condition shall be subject to any conditions specified by the state archivist for the protection of those records and materials.
  • Original items will not normally be made available when microfilm copies are available.
  • Researchers seeking information and publications which are readily available in a public library will normally be referred to the library.
  • Researchers shall exercise all possible care to prevent damage to items being used, pens shall not be used. Items shall not be leaned on, written on, covered by papers or cards being written on, folded anew, traced, fastened with paper clips or rubber bands, or handled in any way likely to cause damage.
  • Researchers shall not remove any materials from the State Archives. Materials cannot be borrowed.
  • Researchers shall keep unbound records in the order in which they were delivered. Records appearing to be in disorder shall not be rearranged by a researcher, but shall be referred to the circulation staff. Normally, a researcher shall not be allowed to remove records from more than one folder at a time.
  • Researchers shall not remove index cards from file drawers.
  • Researchers shall not remove any materials from their protective coverings.
  • No materials will be issued after 3:30 p.m.