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The following news articles were written about Hawai`i State Archives and its collections:

Time capsule recovered from State Capitol building
December 13, 2018, KHON2 News

State Archives Displays Anglo-French Declaration In Rare Viewing Opportunity
December 5, 2018, Hawaii Public Radio

Here’s Your Chance to View Rare Documents from the Hawaiian Kingdom
November 24, 2018, Hawaii News Now

The State Archives is moving into the digital age
October 15, 2018, Hawaii News Now

Editor’s Page: For the Records
October 2, 2018, Honolulu Magazine

The Birth of Hawaiʻi’s Native-Language Newspaper Archive
August 7, 2018, Atlas Obscura

Photographs of The Gannenmono: Their Journey to Hawaii

test Kamehameha’s signature on the 1871 treaty of friendship and commerce between the kingdom of Hawaii and Japan.
State archivist Adam Jansen, left, shows Trisha Nomura and her daughter, Jaysha, 10, the actual 1871 treaty of friendship and commerce between the kingdom of Hawaii and Japan.
Jane Kurahara, left, and Les Goto examined an enlarged copy of the handwritten list of passengers who were aboard the ship Scioto at “The Gannenmono: Their Journey to Hawai’i,” a one-day exhibit held Tuesday of historical documents that chronicle the journey of the fi rst organized group of immigrants from Japan to Hawaii. Documents include the correspondence from Eugene Van Reed, consul general for Hawaii to Japan; the passenger list of the Scioto; the labor contract; and the treaty between the kingdom of Hawaii and Japan. The exhibit, which commemorates the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Gannenmono in Honolulu Harbor on June 19, 1868, was presented in the Manoa Grand Ballroom of the Japanese Cultural Center.

June 2018, Island Images, Star Advertiser

The Gannenmono: Their Journey to Hawaii
June 8, 2018, Office of the Governor Press Release

The Royal Orders
April/May 2018, Volume 21 No. 2, Hana Hou

The Queen’s Colors
October/November 2017, Volume 20 No. 5, Hana Hou

Kingdom Coin
August/September 2017, Volume 20 No. 4, Hana Hou

Open House at State Archives Celebrates 110th Anniversary
YouTube video link:
October 28, 2016, KHON2 News

Open House Displays Hawaii’s Unique Treasures
October 28, 2016, KITV4 News

American Archives Month 2016
October 2016, Hawaii State Archives

Archive Images of the Arizona Memorial Under Construction, Slideshow
May 2016, Hawaii News Now

Hawaii State Archives Presents Digital Archives Update
October 10, 2014, KHON2 News

State Archives Go Digital
October 10, 2014, KITV4 News

Hawaii’s Old Records are Literally on Ice
July 20, 2012, Honolulu Civil Beat

The Queen’s Speech
Documents and photographs from Hawaii State Archives were used during the research and publication of Lost Kingdom: Hawaii’s Last Queen, Sugar Kings and America’s First Imperial Adventure.
January 25, 2012, Honolulu Weekly

Archives Awarded NHPRC Electronic Records Grant
May 2010

Riders of the Sea Spray: How three young Hawaiian princes first introduced surfing to Santa Cruz and to the mainland of the Americas
Documents, newspapers, and photographs from the Hawaii State Archives Collections were used in this article.
March 31, 2010, Good Times

Rediscovering the Forgotten Who Lived in Kalaupapa Exile
In an effort to put stories and faces to names, a database is being created by a nonprofit group in the hopes of educating people around the world about the hardships endured by people who were sent to Kalaupapa from the time it was established as a settlement for Hansen’s Disease patients in 1865. The database, which has about 5,000 names so far, is being assembled with Hawaii State Archives materials, including letters, settlement records and photos, and other resources. The names are also being gathered so they can be inscribed on a memorial to be erected in Kalaupapa.
August 8, 2009, Honolulu Advertiser

Civil War-era memo bearing Abraham Lincoln’s signature in Hawaii State Archives
     Lincoln Paper Mystery Deepens
     June 9, 2009, Honolulu Advertiser

     Letter from Lincoln Found in State Archives
     June 9, 2009, Honolulu Star Bulletin

     Hawaii State Archives has Rare Lincoln Emancipation Document
     June 8, 2009, Honolulu Advertiser

     Scans of all four documents in our collection.

When Statehood Came Calling
The phone on which Elmer Cravalho as speaker of the Territorial House took the play-by-play call on the U.S. House vote 50 years ago. The phone and the picture of Elmer Cravalho are in the Hawai`i State Archives collections.
March 12, 2009, Honolulu Advertiser

Lincoln Reached Out to Grieving Hawaiian King in 1964
February 12, 2009, Honolulu Advertiser

History’s Home: the 100-year-repository Offers a Fascinating Look at Hawai`i’s Past
September 19, 2006, Honolulu Star Bulletin

State Archives Marks 100th year
August 31, 2006, Honolulu Advertiser