Systems and Procedures Office

The DAGS Systems and Procedures Office coordinates and advises the Comptroller on all functions pertaining to computer applications, local and wide area networks.

The office has the functional responsibility for the development, implementation, and maintenance of computer systems under the administrative control of DAGS; formulates information processing policies and procedures; plans, coordinates and conducts systems analysis design and computer programming by utilizing available resources to support the computer and networking needs of the department; and operates and maintains the departmental minicomputer, local and wide area networks.


  • Provides secretarial and clerical services including typing, copying, logging, filing, retrieving, and updating computer related systems and computer programming specifications, documentation and other reference materials to facilitate the work flow in the Systems and Procedures Office.


  • Reviews and evaluates existing work processes and recommends computerization and/or networking where feasible.
  • Develops, maintains computer application systems installed on the departmental microcomputer servers, minicomputer and the mainframe computer to meet the operational requirements of ht end-users.
  • Develops, maintains and enhances the department Internet Web page, local and wide area computer networks.
  • Provides written instructions in the form of computer programs, specification, procedures manuals, coding of computer programs, testing and instruction for operators and users for all computer systems developed, installed and maintained by the department.
  • Prepares instructional material and conducts training for users.
  • Ensures proper daily functioning of existing computer systems, local and wide area networks.
  • Develop, implement and enhance new and existing computer application systems to ensure conformity with the current technology.
  • Reviews, analyzes and improves on a continuous basis, the existing computerized systems and related computer programs and operating procedures in order to better facilitate the operation needs of the department.