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Civil Service Job Announcements

Job TitleRecruitment/Job#Location
Account Clerk III22-0200Oahu
Account Clerk IV22-0289Downtown, Oahu
Accountant IV 22-0038Downtown, Oahu
Accountant V (Fund Control)21-0598Downtown, Oahu
Accountant VI (Pre-Audit)22-0170Downtown, Oahu
Accounting System Manager24-0111Downtown, Oahu
Administrative Services Assistant22-0432Oahu
Auditor V24-0175Downtown, Oahu
Automotive Technician I23-0525Downtown, Oahu
Building Construction Inspector II23-0443Kahului, Maui
Building Construction Inspector II23-0444Kona, Hawaii
Building Construction Inspector II23-0209Downtown, Oahu
Building Construction Inspector III23-0445Kona, Hawaii
Carpenter I24-0143Kahului, Maui
Contracts Assistant II23-0719Downtown, Oahu
Control Accounts Bookkeeper I24-0123Downtown, Oahu
Electrician Helper23-0679Lihue, Kauai
Engineer IV and V 23-0537Oahu
Engineer IV and V23-0545Maui
Engineer II and III23-0544Maui
Engineer IV and V23-0540Hawaii
Engineer III23-0539Hawaii
Engineering Program Manager23-0696Hilo, Hawaii
Human Resources Assistant IV22-0358Downtown, Oahu
Human Resources Assistant V22-0328Downtown, Oahu
Human Resources Technician VI22-0728Downtown, Oahu
Information Technology Band A – Systems Analyst23-0503Oahu
Information Technology Band B – Systems Analyst22-0434Oahu
Management Analyst IV24-0013Downtown, Oahu
Nursery Worker I23-0532Downtown, Oahu
Office Assistant III23-0180Kona, Hawaii
Office Assistant IV22-0440Downtown, Oahu
Parking & Security Officer I24-0079Oahu
Plumber I22-0379Kauai
Pre Audit Clerk I23-0241Downtown, Oahu
Pre Audit Clerk II22-0634Downtown, Oahu
Pre Audit Clerk III23-0115Downtown, Oahu
Procurement & Supply Specialist III23-0374Mapunapuna, Oahu
Purchasing Specialist III – IV23-0361Downtown, Oahu
Repairs & Maintenance Assistant22-0331Kahului, Maui
Secretary II23-0643Oahu
Secretary III23-0130Oahu

Non-Civil Service Job Announcements

Job TitleRecruitment/Job #Location
Business Data AnalystEX8051Oahu
Cyber Security Education CoordinatorEX124830Oahu
ETS Executive AssistantEX121194Oahu
ETS Procurement SpecialistEX121438Oahu
ETS Program Budget AnalystEX121415Oahu
Financial AnalystEX120497Oahu
IT Services Delivery Specialist IIEX121193Oahu
IT Storage EngineerEX121029Oahu
Senior Systems Engineer – MicrosoftEX120953Oahu

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