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Civil Service Job Announcements

Job TitleRecruitment/Job#Location
Account Clerk III22-0200Oahu
Account Clerk IV22-0289Downtown, Oahu
Accountant IV 22-0038Downtown, Oahu
Accountant V (Fund Control)21-0598Downtown, Oahu
Accountant V (Systems)23-0034Downtown, Oahu
Accountant VI (Pre-Audit)22-0170Downtown, Oahu
Administrative Services Assistant22-0432Oahu
Auditor V22-0596Downtown, Oahu
Automotive Technician I23-0525Downtown, Oahu
Building Construction Inspector II23-0443Kahului, Maui
Building Construction Inspector II23-0444Kona, Hawaii
Building Construction Inspector II23-0349Hilo, Hawaii
Building Construction Inspector II23-0209Downtown, Oahu
Building Construction Inspector III23-0445Kona, Hawaii
Carpenter I23-0050Kahului, Maui
Carpenter I23-0386Kona, Hawaii
Contracts Assistant I21-0552Downtown, Oahu
Electrician I22-0268Kona, Hawaii
Engineer IV and V 23-0537Oahu
Engineer IV and V23-0545Maui
Engineer II and III23-0544Maui
Engineer IV and V23-0540Hawaii
Engineer III23-0539Hawaii
General Professional V22-0723Pearl City, Oahu
Information Technology Band B – Network Analyst22-0492Downtown, Oahu
Information Technology Band B – Systems Analyst22-0434Downtown, Oahu
Janitor III23-0418Oahu
Library Technician V23-0521Downtown, Oahu
Office Assistant III23-0180Kona, Hawaii
Parking and Security Officer I23-0402Oahu
Parking and Security Officer I23-0435Maui
Plumber I23-0358Hilo, Hawaii
Pre Audit Clerk II22-0634Downtown, Oahu
Pre Audit Clerk III23-0115Downtown, Oahu
Procurement & Supply Specialist III23-0374Mapunapuna, Oahu
Purchasing Specialist III – IV23-0361Downtown, Oahu
Repairs & Maintenance Assistant22-0331Kahului, Maui
Secretary II23-0124Downtown, Oahu
Secretary III23-0130Oahu

Non-Civil Service Job Announcements

Job TitleRecruitment/Job #Location
Application Security Manager (SAP System)EX124210Oahu
Business Analyst (Budgeting)EX124215Oahu
Data Center TechnicianEX120510Oahu
ETS Human Resources ManagerEX124674Oahu
IT Storage EngineerEX121029Oahu
Technical Architecture AnalystEX124266Oahu
Web Architect IEX121191Oahu
Election SpecialistEX106053 & EX101160Pearl City, Oahu

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