2022 Minimum Qualifying Contribution Amounts

In order to apply and be approved for public funds, a candidate must have received a minimum amount of qualifying contributions.  A “qualifying contribution” means an aggregate monetary contribution of $100 or less by an individual Hawaii resident during a matching payment period that is received after a candidate files the Statement Of Intent To Seek Public Funds (Form CC-4) with the Commission.  A qualifying contribution does not include a loan, an in-kind contribution, or the candidate’s own funds.

The minimum qualifying contribution amounts for the respective offices are as follows:

Governor – $100,000
Lieutenant Governor – $50,000

County of Honolulu – $50,000
County of Hawaii – $15,000
County of Maui – $10,000
County of Kauai – $ 5,000

Prosecuting Attorney
County of Honolulu – $30,000
County of Hawaii – $10,000
County of Kauai – $5,000

County Council
County of Honolulu – $5,000
County of Hawaii – $1,500
County of Maui – $5,000
County of Kauai – $3,000

State Senate – $2,500

State House of Representative – $1,500

Office of Hawaiian Affairs – $1,500

For example, a candidate for Governor must receive a minimum of $100,000 in qualifying contributions for the primary election to be eligible for $100,000 in public funds for the primary election. Once the minimum amount is reached, qualifying contributions will be matched dollar for dollar up to the maximum amount of public funds available in each election.

A candidate must obtain the minimum qualifying contribution amount only once for the election period.  However, the candidate shall not receive public funds for a primary election if the candidate does not obtain the minimum qualifying contribution amount before the date of the primary election.