Building Code Rules

Current State Building Codes – Unamended by the SBCC

Due to the suspension of the authority and duties of the State Building Code Council (SBCC) per the Governor’s Proclamations Relating to Affordable Housing, no code amendments have been adopted by the SBCC during the term of these proclamations. However, updates to the following building codes, without any amendments from the SBCC, have automatically become part of the Hawai´i State Building Codes per HRS§107-24(c):

Current State Building Codes – Amended by the SBCC

Proposed Future Building Codes

Work on amending and adopting any and all future editions of building codes by the State Building Code Council has been suspended, as required by the Governor’s Proclamations Relating to Affordable Housing:

“To the extent necessary to expedite the construction, repair, renovation, and occupancy of housing and infrastructure projects intended to provide emergency relief under this Proclamation, I hereby suspend …

Section 107-24(c), HRS, Authority and duties of the council, to the extent necessary to suspend the ability of the State Building Code Council to amend or update the Hawai’i state building codes to allow for consistency and stability in the construction of housing. Counties may still update county building codes as authorized by law.”

Wind Topographic Factor Maps for use with the State Building Code

Form for Public Proposals to Amend the Hawaii State Building Codes