Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – State Departments


Q. How do I obtain a Statement of Self-Insurance?

You can submit a signed memo from the agency head to our office. Or you can use the fillable form, RMO-SOSI Fillable Form and submit to our office. The Risk Management staff will review the request and issue the Statement of Self-Insurance, if it is approved. Statements are issued only for State activities.

Q. When do you report a claim for property damage or loss?

Property losses should be reported as soon as possible. The Risk Management Office will determine if a loss is covered and advise the agency what needs to be submitted in order to secure reimbursement.

If a loss is not covered (such as for light poles), the Risk Management Office staff can assist the agency to recover from the responsible party.

Q. What form do I use to report damage or loss of State property?

The Report of Loss or Damage to State Property form (RMP-001) should be completed and submitted to the Risk Management Office.

Q. Is there a deductible for property losses?

Yes, there is a $5,000 per occurrence deductible for preventable losses of theft or loss of equipment effective July 1, 2007. Please refer to the Comptroller’s Memorandum 2007-10.

Q. What needs to be done to receive reimbursement for damage or loss?

You will need to provide documentation of ownership, either by the agency’s inventory schedule or the purchase order and invoice for the original purchase.

If the loss is covered, you will need to provide copies of the purchase order and invoice for repairs or replacement of the damaged item and provide the accounting codes for a journal voucher to be issued.

You must still comply with all applicable procurement rules.

Q. How long does it take to be reimbursed?

The Risk Management Office processes reimbursement for property losses within 30 days after receipt of the proof of repair/replacement of the damaged/destroyed item(s).

Q. What portion of the property loss does the Risk Management Office cover?

The Risk Management Office processes claims that are within the insurance policy deductible, as long as there are funds and spending ceiling available.

Q. What about claims that exceed the property insurance deductible?

Refer to the Procedures and Guidelines for Implementing Act 173, SLH 2006 site for procedures and forms.



Q. What should we do if a person is injured at our location?

Complete the Report of Accident/Incident form (RML-001) and submit to Risk Management. Please provide as much information as possible. Photographs of the location and documentation of witnesses will assist us in our investigation.

Do not make any commitments to reimburse the person for medical expenses. You can provide them with a Claim for Damage or Injury form (RMTC) and have the person submit the completed form to the Risk Management Office.



Q. How do I add a vehicle to our auto fleet coverage?

Submit the required information on the Auto Inventory Update form (RMAI-001) within 30 days of acquisition. You will need to advise us if you want to purchase the comprehensive and collision or fire and theft coverage.

Q. How do I delete a vehicle from our auto inventory?

Complete the RMAI-001 form with the date of deletion within 30 days of disposal.

Q. A State employee was involved in an automobile accident. How do we report the claim?

The Automobile Loss Notice form (RMA-001) must be completed within 24 hours and reported to the Risk Management Office. Please refer to the Automobile Loss Notice for details.

Q. The other insurance company is willing to pay for the damage to our vehicle. Can we work directly with that company?

Yes, you can work directly with the other insurance company. If you require assistance, contact the Risk Management staff.

Q. My rental vehicle sustained damages while I was on State business. What do I do?

Again, complete the Automobile Loss Notice form (RMA-001) and report the loss to the Risk Management Office within 24 hours. Please refer to the Car Rental Insurance and Accident /Incident Reporting Procedures issued June 7, 2004. Notify the rental agency to work with the Risk Management Office. DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENTS TO THE CAR RENTAL AGENCY.