Aerial Photographs Before & After


As part of the Capitol 50th Anniversary Commemoration, the Time Capsule Committee needs YOUR help in reproducing the aerial photos that were placed into the 1969 Time Capsule. Specifically, we are asking the public to donate current photographs of the locations seen below (Please practice safe droning*). We would like to reproduce the angle and framing of the photos below as closely as possible in order to document how much Hawaiʻi has changed over the past 50 years. The committee will select those photos that most closely reproduce the originals for inclusion in the 2019 Time Capsule and announce the contributing photographers at the ceremony for placing the 2019 Time Capsule on May 1st. Additionally, if there are other areas of the islands that have shown vast changes over the past few decades, or likely to undergo a rapid transformation in the future, please feel free to include those aerial photos for consideration as well. You can start a new tradition and help us document the growth and change of the Islands.

NOTE: all photographs donated for consideration of inclusion in the 2019 Time Capsule (whether selected or not) will be transferred to the State Archives for preservation and use by researchers for generations to come. Donation constitutes your willingness and consent for these photos to be placed into the Public Domain for unrestricted use. So please be sure to include location, date, and name of the photographer for proper credit and citation. Photos without this information will not be considered.

Submissions accepted until May 15, 2019.

Aerial Photos from the 1969 Time Capsule (Donated by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser)

* if flying a drone to reproduce the above photos, please ensure that you are complying with all State and Local Laws (No trespassing, Restricted Flight Areas, etc.)