Other Resources

There are other resources available that may help in your genealogical research, here are just a few common ones:

The Hawaii State Public Library has indexes to Births, Marriages, and Deaths from 1909-1949 on microfilm, which will provide a date that you can use to apply for the certificate through the Department of Health.  The library also has the Territory of Hawaii Births from 1896-1909, as well as the U.S. Census from 1900-1930 on microfilm.

Department of Health Vital Records Office has certificates of birth, marriages, and death records from the early 1900s to present time.

The Hawaiian Genealogy Project: Directory of Secondary Sources provides a listing of organizations that may contain information about a particular ancestor and/or family.  The directory lists the name of the organization, a brief description of what they have, their services, hours and contact information. (This reference is available at the Archives, as well as other libraries)

The University of Hawaii at Manoa Special Collections which include the Hawaiian Collection, has several resources specific to Hawaiian genealogy.  Check out their website for direction and hours as well as their Reference Sources to Hawaiian Genealogy.

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