Census Records


The census returns are available only for the years 1866, 1878, 1890, and 1896, and no one census is wholly complete.  However, partial schedules giving names are available only for 1878 (Oahu, Maui and Hawaii), 1890 (all islands except Niihau) and 1896 (Honolulu).  Only a limited number of census returns have survived from the nineteenth century.  Then with territorial status, jurisdiction shifted to the United States government and the Islands became part of the U.S. census from 1900 and on.

Check the U.S. Census Bureau’s Genealogy section for more information in regard to what is available and where to find additional information.  The Hawaii State Public Library System has a copy of the U.S. Census from 1900-1930 on microfilm.


The census returns generally contain:

  • list of all persons on premises
  • sex
  • age
  • marital status
  • citizenship/nationality
  • occupation
  • ownership of livestock
  • ownership of property

The returns are arranged chronologically, then subdivided geographically by island, district and place.

More information about the Census collection records and types of information given on the census.
Census Records are accessible via our Digital Archives, Census Collection page. There is no index for the census records.