Statewide Accounting Policies

Statewide Accounting Policies
Memo Type Reference Type Memorandum Title Issue Date
MEM 1984-57 Use of Purchase Order to Contract for Personal Services 01/02/1985
MEM 1990-12 Statutory Change to Petty Cash Payment Requirements 06/04/1990
MEM 1997-26 Accounting for Revenue Refunds and Expenditure Reimbursements 07/17/1997
MEM 2000-17 Preaudit of Payments up to $1,000 07/02/2000
MEM 2005-19 Financial Statement Reporting 08/11/2005
MEM 2006-10 Determining Status of Individuals Hired to Perform Services for
Departments and Agencies
MEM 2006-16 Mandatory Reporting of Cash Awards 07/18/2006
MEM 2008-07 Financial Statement Reporting for General and General Obligation
Bond Appropriations
MEM 2008-22 Financial Reporting for Postemployment Benefits Other than Pensions
MEM 2009-05 Accounting Adjustment to Department Cash Due to Market
MEM 2009-06 Footnote Disclosures Relating to Postemployment Benefits Other than
Pensions (OPEB)
MEM 2009-09 Accounting for Federal Stimulus Funds 04/07/2009
MEM 2009-11 Accounting Adjustment to Department Cash Due to Market Decline
MEM 2009-21 Accounting and Reporting of ARRA Funds 09/11/2009
MEM 2010-07 ARRA Records Retention 01/26/2010
MEM 2010-18 Departmental Financial Statements 05/10/2010