Hawaii District Office

Address: 75 Aupuni Street, Hilo, HI 96720

Phone: 974-6400

FAX: 974-6422

Hawaii Special Use Permit Form

Under the general direction of the State Comptroller, coordinates and implements the Public Works, Central Services, and Automotive Management programs in the Hawaii District within the scope of laws and established departmental and divisional policies and regulations.  In addition, the District Public Works Manager is the Comptroller’s representative for certain delegated functions.

  • Administers the operations of the Hawaii District Office by planning, organizing, directing and coordinating the functions of the Public Works, Central Services and Automotive Management Programs.
  • Directs and maintains program planning within the Hawaii District.
  • Directs the preparation of the District’s program budgets, and exercises control of funds made available for the District.
  • Represents the Department before the community and public groups in the Hawaii District.
  • Issues plans and specifications to tentative bidders and opens bid proposals submitted to the Hawaii District Office.




Provides various staff services to the District Public Works Manager and members of the lines segments, including purchasing, clerical, informational and personnel services.

  • Maintains District budgetary controls and processes expenditures.
  • Receives and coordinates requests for the repair and maintenance of schools.
  • Provides purchasing services for all District programs.
  • Maintains a District system of accounts in accordance with the prescribed State Accounting System.
  • Provides all District stenographic, typing and clerical services.
  • Maintains recording and reporting of all personnel transactions, including but not limited to leave applications, workers’ compensation reports and time sheets for permanent and temporary employees.
  • Compiles, prepares and submits all necessary reports for all branches of the Hawaii District.
  • Acts as liaison to the Comptroller by distributing information to other State agencies.


Under the general supervision of the District Public Works Manager, administers construction and equipment contracts and performs field inspections to ensure that contractual terms are met in the general geographical area of the branches.  The general geographical areas are East Hawaii Island for the Public Works Branch 1 and West Hawaii Island for the Public Works Branch 2.

  • Determines and recommends changes and additions that become advisable during construction.  Reviews cost estimates, change orders, and Statement of Funds to incorporate changes.
  • Checks and recommends approval for partial and final payments to contractors.
  • Reviews evidences for time extensions and liquidated damages and prepares recommendations.
  • Holds pre-construction conferences with the Contractor and Sub-Contractors.  Coordinates work and settles disputes between different contractors on the same project site.
  • Obtains materials for laboratory testing and prepares sample cards for the project records.  Arranges for testing, reviews all material and equipment test results and takes appropriate action.
  • Performs final inspections of projects, recommends acceptance and prepares Contract Completion reports.

Provides centralized leasing services to user agencies including:

  • Locates suitable office space, negotiating terms drafting agreements and coordinating execution of agreements;
  • Initiates and coordinates projects to provide necessary renovations to the office space; processes payment invoices for tenant improvements and tracking the progress of projects for such improvements;
  • Monitors, evaluates and documents relative quality of services provided for in the leases (i.e., for grounds, custodial, repair and maintenance services) and ensuring delivery of appropriate services contracted for, and coordinates with Central Services Division for provision of building operation services as applicable;
  • Collects and compiles data and maintains system for determining geographic lease cost index, conducts market studies and determines future trends in rental of office spaces, and assists user agencies in assessing their lease space needs and in complying with office space standards.


Plans, coordinates, organizes, directs and controls a variety of centralized services, including custodial services, maintenance and repair of State and public school buildings and maintenance of State grounds in the Hawaii District.  Administers contracts for a variety of repair and maintenance functions.

The three geographical sections are:  Hilo-Kau, Honokaa-Kohala and Kona.  They may be comprised of the following types of units:  Carpentry and Masonry; Building Maintenance; Janitorial; Plumbing; and Electrical Units.


Manages and directs vehicular traffic at the Hilo State Office Building parking lot; enforces existing parking rules and regulations; issues citations on violations; prepares and consolidates necessary reports on violations; notes that meters are in satisfactory condition; collects money from parking meters and deposits to the bank; and testifies in court when subpoenaed.