Corporate Reporting System
Effective January 1, 2011, corporations are required to file a report with the Campaign Spending Commission (“Commission”) for contributions from its own treasury that aggregate more than $1,000 per two year election period made directly to a candidate or candidate committee.  See, Hawaii Revised Statutes (“HRS”) §11-332(a).

Accordingly, the Commission has developed the Corporate Reporting System (“CRS”) to assist corporations with this requirement.

Filing the “Electronic Filing Form”
To file reports with the Commission, corporations must complete and file an Corporation Electronic Filing Form to obtain a username and password.

Coporations must designate a contact individual for their corporation and provide the name, phone number, and e-mail address on the form.  Completed forms can be mailed, delivered, or faxed to the Commission at (808) 586-0288.  E-mailed forms will not be accepted.

Obtaining the Username and Password for Filing Reports
A username and password for an Administrator and a User will be e-mailed by the Commission to the e-mail address provided on the Electronic Filing Form.  The website address for the CRS login page will also be provided in the e-mail.

Logging in for the First Time
Users will login to the CRS using the Administrator username and password.  The name of the corporation, business address, contact individual’s name, phone number, and e-mail address taken from the Electronic Filing Form will be entered into the CRS by the Commission.  This information will be included on the filed reports to satisfy the requirements in HRS §11-332(b) which provides in pertinent part:

(b) The filing shall include the name of the corporationbusiness addressa contact individual

Changing the Name of the Corporation and Contact Individual Information
The name of the corporation cannot be changed in the CRS without filing a new Electronic Filing Form (it will be a locked field).  However, the business address, and the contact individual’s name, phone number, and e-mail address can all be changed in the CRS.

Reporting Schedule
Corporations must file reports pursuant to HRS §11-332(a) which provides:

(a) A corporation shall file a report with the commission for contributions from its own treasury that aggregate more than $1,000 per two year election period made directly to a candidate or candidate committee; provided that this section shall not authorize contributions to a candidate or candidate committee where otherwise prohibited by this part. The reporting shall be made pursuant to the time requirements contained in §§11-336 and 11-338.

The time requirements in HRS §11-336 (disclosure reports) and 11-338 (late contribution reports) refer to reports required by noncandidate committees.  As a result, the reporting schedule for corporations will be identical to the reporting schedule for noncandidate committees.

Reporting Schedule (November, 2012)

Corporations that exceed the $1,000 threshold for the first time in any reporting period must file the report due for that period. Corporations will only enter contributions made to candidates that are more than $100, pursuant to HRS §11-332(b) which provides that the filing include amounts contributed that are more than $100 to each candidate or candidate committee.

When entering data into the CRS,  corporations will have the ability to select from a list of candidates that are registered with the Commission.  Corporations will enter the date and amount for monetary contributions made to candidates, as well as the date, amount and description for nonmonetary contributions made to candidates.

Two-Year Election Period for Aggregating Contributions
The two-year election period for aggregating contributions starts November 7, 2012 and runs through November 4, 2014.  See, HRS §11-302 “Election period.”

Corporate Contribution Limits
Corporations may contribute unlimited amounts from their “own treasury” but are subject to the candidate contribution limits of $2,000, $4,000 and $6,000, depending on the office that a candidate is seeking.  See, HRS §11-357 and the Contribution Limits page.